AEW: Fight Forever Update 1.11: Bug Fixes and Exciting Changes

AEW: Fight Forever Update 1.11: Bug Fixes and Exciting Changes


Discover the latest update for AEW: Fight Forever with version 1.11, bringing a host of bug fixes and exciting changes. THQ Nordic has diligently addressed issues to enhance the gameplay experience, including fixes for gameplay replay freezes, leaderboards crashes, black screen problems in online matches, and wrestlers falling through the mat during ladder brainbusters. Additionally, fans will notice a captivating alteration as Malakai Black’s finisher name has been changed to “THE END.”

Stay tuned for the official release date of the update on the Nintendo Switch platform, and get ready to immerse yourself in improved wrestling action and gameplay stability.

AEW: Fight Forever Update 1.11

In a recent announcement, exciting news regarding AEW: Fight Forever has surfaced. The highly anticipated update 1.11 is set to enhance the overall gaming experience for fans. Let’s dive into the highlights of this update and explore the various bug fixes that have been implemented.

Patch Notes Highlights

The developers have diligently addressed several prominent issues in AEW: Fight Forever with the release of update 1.11. These include fixing the gameplay replay freeze that occurred when pressing the “Options” button. Additionally, crashes encountered when accessing the leaderboards multiple times have been successfully resolved.

Another significant bug that has been eradicated is the black screen problem experienced by players during online matches with Custom Arena selected by the host. Wrestlers falling through the mat during ladder brainbuster moves have also been rectified, ensuring a seamless match experience.

Moreover, one notable change introduced in this update is the modification of Malakai Black’s finisher name from “BLACK MASS” to the more evocative “THE END.”

AEW: Fight Forever Update Rollout

The update is currently being rolled out gradually on various platforms, allowing players to benefit from the improvements and bug fixes. However, it’s important to note that the release date for the update on the Nintendo Switch platform has been slightly delayed. Players eagerly anticipating the update on the Switch will have to exercise a bit more patience.

Detailed Bug Fixes Explanation

Gameplay Replay Freeze Issue Resolution

One of the critical issues that have been addressed in update 1.11 is the gameplay replay freeze. Previously, players encountered a frustrating situation where the game would freeze after pressing the “Options” button during gameplay replays. With this update, that problem is now a thing of the past, allowing players to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay and smoothly navigate through replays.

Leaderboards Crash Fix Explained

Another important fix introduced in this update deals with crashes that occurred when accessing the leaderboards multiple times. The developers have successfully identified and resolved the underlying issue, ensuring stable performance when browsing the leaderboards. Players can now engage with the competitive aspect of the game without the fear of encountering crashes.

Online Match Black Screen Problem Resolved

Players engaging in online matches with a Custom Arena selected by the host previously encountered a frustrating black screen problem. This issue has been thoroughly investigated and effectively resolved in update 1.11. Now, players can seamlessly enter online matches without encountering any black screen disruptions,

Fixing Wrestlers Falling Through the Mat During Ladder Brainbuster

One of the most significant bug fixes in update 1.11 addresses an issue where wrestlers would unexpectedly fall through the mat during ladder brainbuster moves. This peculiar glitch not only disrupted the flow of the match but also hindered players from progressing further. However, with this update, the developers have successfully rectified the problem. Players can now execute ladder brainbusters without the fear of wrestlers getting stuck or matches being interrupted.

Malakai Black’s Finisher Name Change

In a surprising turn of events, the developers have decided to change the finisher name of Malakai Black, one of the prominent characters in AEW: Fight Forever. Previously known as “BLACK MASS,” his finisher is now referred to as “THE END.” This change not only adds a sense of uniqueness to the character but also aligns with the overall theme and aura of Malakai Black. Fans of the game and enthusiasts of wrestling will undoubtedly appreciate this intriguing alteration.


In conclusion, THQ Nordic’s announcement of the AEW: Fight Forever update 1.11 brings a wave of excitement to players. The patch notes reveal a series of bug fixes that significantly improve the gameplay experience. From addressing gameplay replay freezes and leaderboards crashes to resolving black screen issues during online matches and fixing wrestlers falling through the mat, the developers have demonstrated their commitment to delivering a polished and enjoyable gaming experience.

Furthermore, the change in Malakai Black’s finisher name from “BLACK MASS” to “THE END” adds a touch of intrigue and personality to the character. Players can look forward to exploring the updated features and enhanced stability as the update gradually rolls out on various platforms.

  • Q1: When will the AEW: Fight Forever update be available for the Nintendo Switch?
    • A: The release date for the update on the Nintendo Switch platform has not been confirmed yet. Stay tuned for official announcements regarding its availability.
  • Q2: Can I still access my gameplay replays after updating to version 1.11?
    • A: Yes, with the new update, the gameplay replay freeze issue has been resolved. You can now access and enjoy your replays without any interruptions.
  • Q3: Will the update address other known issues in AEW: Fight Forever?
    • A: While the focus of this update is primarily on bug fixes, the developers are continually working to improve the overall gaming experience. Keep an eye out for future updates that may address additional issues.
  • Q4: Are there any new features or additions in update 1.11 apart from bug fixes?
    • A: Update 1.11 primarily focuses on bug fixes and stability improvements. However, always stay updated with official announcements, as developers may introduce new features in future updates.
  • Q5: How can I stay informed about future updates and announcements for AEW: Fight Forever?
    • A: It’s recommended to follow the official social media channels of AEW: Fight Forever and THQ Nordic for the latest news, updates, and announcements regarding the game.