Aka announced

Aka announced

Aka, a wholesome open-world adventure game, has been revealed by publisher Neowiz and developer Cosmic Gatto. It will be available for the Nintendo Switch in the fourth quarter of 2022.

In the game, you play as Aka, a former red panda soldier looking for inner peace. His objective is to find Ghosts and offer them closure while also settling on a tiny island and establishing a house.


About AKA

Exploration and decorating of the islands via making and farming, mini-games, and pastimes such as napping, staring at a cloud, and swimming are all part of the gameplay. You will also assist the island’s inhabitants by engaging with them and assisting them in resolving their difficulties.

In terms of farming, the method is permaculture-inspired, with associations (garden design) and wild animals playing a part. It is also possible to construct shelter, equipment, clothing, and props to aid in quest completion or merely for decoration. Crafting necessitates the gathering of resources, the discovery of things, or the acquisition of them via quests.

Aka is set to launch digitally on Nintendo Switch through the eShop later this year; no physical edition has been confirmed as of yet. Stay tuned for further information, including a release date.