All 80 Super Mario Party Mini-Games

All 80 Super Mario Party Mini-Games

The huge variety of mini games in the upcoming Super Mario Party means there’s going to be something for everyone to enjoy.

All the party games

All the mini games were posted recently as a clips on the official Nintendo website and YouTube channel GameXplain has compiled all 80 clips into one video and uploaded it to YouTube. Our review of Super Mario Party will be coming shortly. 


Super Mario Party

The Mario Party series is coming to the Nintendo Switch system with super-charged fun for everyone!

The original board game style has been kicked up a notch with deeper strategic elements, like specific Dice Blocks for each character. The game also introduces all-new ways to play, including Joy-Con controller enabled minigames, and new modes to enjoy with family and friends.

Board game play goes back to the four-player basics as you take turns and race across the board searching for Stars. You can also pair up two Nintendo Switch systems and delight in this dynamic play style, such as in the new Toad’s Rec Room mode. And, for the first time ever in the series, test your skills against other Mario Party fans in a new online minigame mode.