Analyst: Nintendo Switch to defeat PlayStation 5 Holiday 2020

Analyst: Nintendo Switch to defeat PlayStation 5 Holiday 2020

Ace Sec, a Japanese securities firm, published their expectations for the video game market in Holiday 2020.

In the report, Ace Sec mentioned that, although most companies have taken a beating due to the coronavirus in the first half of 2020, companies that produce video games for consoles have surprisingly done extremely well. Nintendo is one of these companies.

Holiday 2020

Ace Sec also noted that, although most companies are doing well, they are still afraid of adjusting their forecasts upward, as the coronavirus could impact earnings negatively in the later part of the year.One exception to this is Nintendo, Ace Sec pointed out.

The Nintendo Switch was in shortage since February to May 2020, and though production has returned to normal levels, the situation has not improved in many parts of the world. Ace Sec says it is “impossible” to find a retailer that has the console lined up on the shelves.

As such, Ace Sec thinks Nintendo will continue to do well in the second financial quarter, and they believe thanks to their performance, the Nintendo Switch will “overwhelmingly crush” the PlayStation 5 this holiday season.