Arcadia Fallen – Launch trailer

Arcadia Fallen – Launch trailer

Galdra Studios, the publisher and developer, is releasing Arcadia Fallen, a contemporary fantasy visual novel, to Nintendo Switch, and they’ve produced a new teaser to celebrate.

Arcadia Fallen is a nordic fantasy in where roleplaying and personal expression take center stage. It has a customisable protagonist and a conversation system that enables players to modify the personality of their character as they play.


About Arcadia Fallen

Will you be a shy person? Bold? Or the one who is always cracking jokes? Spend time with the cast of characters who will accompany you on your adventure, four of whom you may romance (LGBTQ+ friendly), and all of whom you can establish significant and deep platonic connections with if romance isn’t your thing.

To solve problems and save their partners, players will need to perfect their alchemy talents. These challenges are simple to learn but difficult to master, and those who devote the necessary time to become excellent alchemists may utilize them to alter the plot.

Sarah-Nicole Robles (Luz from The Owl House; Encanto) and Sean Chiplock (Persona 5; Genshin Impact) provide fully spoken dialogue in the game, which is directed by Philip Bache (Life Is Strange; Skyrim).

You may develop deep platonic connections with anybody, including our fifth buddy Mime, who is eager to be your new BFF whether you want to romance them or not.