ARMS complete

ARMS complete

In recent months ARMS has been updated several times with new free content in the form of modes, fighters and arenas.

Unfortunately Nintendo on the Japanese ARMS website announced that the version 5.0.0 update will be the last that really adds content  to the game.

What does that mean for ARMS?

That means Dr. Coyle is the last character of the fighting game, thus making the roster completely. Updates to fix errors and make other improvements will keep coming, but we should not count on new content.

What do you think of this complete version of ARMS? Does the game have enough content, or had you still liked some more? 

Nintendo Switch Online

We’re going to touch on it once more; Nintendo Switch Online; what is the added value of this game if we have to pay for Nintendo Switch Online?

Leaderboards? Matchmaking? Beyond that we do not see much more in it for this game after this news. It would be good on Nintendo’s end as they where doing so wonderful in terms of content with ARMS and Splatoon2 to continue it atleast untill the service kicked of in 2018.

But even before it’s actually clear what the service will entail this game is limited to in fact the aforementioned aspects, that’s just a shame.