Bayonetta 3 – version 1.2.0 patch notes

Bayonetta 3 – version 1.2.0 patch notes

A brand new update, version 1.2.0, for Bayonetta 3 was recently released, and it’s one that stands out quite a bit. Numerous alterations, improvements, and bug fixes have been included into the gameplay of the game. It is also important to note that the complexity of the Niflheim stages has been reduced by modifying a few of the stage requirements.

Version 1.2.0 patch notes

  • Combat Adjustments
    • Changes were made to the activation criteria for Witch Time and the activation window for Viola’s “Block” ability.
    • After releasing Block, an activation window for Block was introduced (during the release animation).
    • We’ve included a new animation that plays whenever Witch Time is active, which should make the ability’s activation seem more natural.
    • Both the maximum amount of time that may be spent in Witch Time and the window of opportunity to activate it have been increased.
    • Now, when a player blocks an attack while being attacked, the player will still take damage from the assault’s effect, but blocking will be successful and trigger Witch Time.
    • When a player uses Block to trigger Witch Time, the combination may now continue (with Dodge Offset) without interruption.
    • If the Block input is used several times, the amount of time that is provided via the Witch Time ability will diminish.
    • Adjustments were made to prevent the activation of Assault Slave by Viola’s evasive input and Cheshire’s summoning input, while keeping invincibility when both of those inputs are used in fast succession.
    • It is now possible for the weapons “Simoon” and “Tartarus” as well as Viola’s Charge Attacks to maintain their charge even if they are evaded or deflected.
    • It is now possible to activate Wink Slave by performing the combinations “PKP*” and “PKK*” with the weapons “G-Pillar,” “Dead End Express,” and “Cassiopeia.”
    • Both Punch and Kick start with a “P.”
    • It is now possible to cancel the summoning motion while using the accessories “Infernal Communicator” and “Pulley’s Butterfly” to call forth Devils and Butterflies. This may be accomplished by avoiding or blocking during the summoning action.
  • Niflheim
    • In order to reduce the level of difficulty, the following criteria of the Niflheim stage were altered:
      • The number of lives rose from two to three in the fourth verse of Chapter 3 (Casual to Expert).
      • The time restriction in Chapter 5 Verse 2 (Casual to Expert) has been increased to 180 seconds from the previous 150 seconds.
      • The number of lives increases from two to three in verse 8 of chapter 6 (Casual to Expert).
      • The time restriction in Chapter 9 Verse 8 (Casual to Expert) has been increased to 80 seconds from the previous 60 seconds.
      • The time restriction in Chapter 10 Verse 1 (Casual to Expert) has been increased to 160 seconds from the previous 140 seconds.
      • One life became two lives according to the contents of verse 5 of Chapter 12 (Casual to Expert).
  • Game Modes
    • The “Tricolored Keys” that are required to unseal the “Old Picture Book” may now be obtained more easily thanks to the relaxed requirements.
    • Once it is determined that it is viable to enter the “Gates of Hell,” the “Tricolored Keys” option will immediately become accessible on the chapter pick screen.
    • When the player goes to the chapter pick screen after installing the update, they will automatically receive the remaining keys even if they already have access to the Gates of Hell or have previously earned one or two keys. This happens even if the player has already obtained one or two keys.
  • Other Adaptations
    • The Golem Treasure Chests that may be discovered across the levels have had some adjustments done to them.
    • The time limitations have been pushed farther out, and the difficulty level has been scaled down.
    • The animation for the Golem Chest breaking apart may now be skipped through by using the B button.
    • There will be fewer instances of poor camera visibility thanks to the adjustments that have been made.
    • Restored the game’s equilibrium.
  • Bug Fixes
    • In Chapter 7, Verse 5, there was a problem that prevented progress from being made when specific acts were done while controlling Cheshire. This issue has been fixed.
    • There was an issue with the accessory called “Hymn of Durga” in which the effect of the accessory was not being applied to certain attacks. This issue has been fixed.
    • There was a bug that caused the enemy to perish instantaneously if Alruna’s “Bondage Whip (P or K* long press)” ability was used in certain circumstances. This has now been fixed.
    • There was a bug that caused the player to travel forward a large amount while using certain weapons with the ability “Crow Within” (J* long press) in conjunction with the songs “Scarborough Fair” and “Love is Blue.” This has been fixed.
    • There was a bug that caused Bayonetta’s animations to not play properly while switching weapons immediately after activating the “Crow Within (J* long press)” ability with the Scarborough Fair and “Love is Blue” weapons. This has been fixed.
    • There was a glitch that allowed “Black Pearl Rain (Rotate L stick + S*)” for the Infernal Demon “Kraken” to activate “Wink Slave” with an excessively high attack power. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed “Devil Rodin” to become immobilized for a period of time while continually utilizing “After Burner Kick (K* in midair)” immediately after rising up with a preceding “After Burner Kick (JK*).”
    • We discovered and fixed an issue that allowed Viola’s Assault Slave to call forth Infernal Demons even in locations that specifically forbade such activity.
    • Correction made to an inaccuracy that was present in the hand sign during the transformation procedure of Cutie J, which can be shown in Side Chapter.
    • Other problems have been fixed, making it a more pleasurable experience to play the game.
    • *The letter P stands for Punch, K for Kick, S for Shoot, and J for Jump.

About Bayonetta 3

The witch has returned, this time more powerful than ever before!

An all-new, over-the-top climactic action game for the Nintendo Switch has Bayonetta strutting her stuff around numerous places. The titular Umbra Witch must use her iconic firearms and the power to slow down time that she calls Witch Time in order to combat a sinister new foe while also donning a nasty new outfit that oddly includes pigtails. This time, Bayonetta’s sights are trained on a horde of man-made bioweapons known as Homunculi that have invaded the area.

Fight your way through a variety of different environments, like the streets of Tokyo, the mountains of China, and more! Along the journey, you will run upon a whole coven of Bayonettas, each one being more spectacular than the one before it. You’ll also be able to hack and slash as Viola, a fiery witch apprentice who battles with a sword and a fickle companion named Cheshire. Find out what will happen to Bayonetta, and discover whether or not this mystical alliance can really preserve the real world.

A version 1.1.0 update for Bayonetta 3 was previously released in October, just in time for the launch of the game.