Breakneck City – 22 minutes of gameplay

Breakneck City – 22 minutes of gameplay

Breakneck City, an old-school beat ’em up, has been given some playtime ahead of its release with a is total of 22 minutes of gameplay by Handheld Players.


About Breakneck City

Sidney Flintlock and Justine Jacobs go to the streets to bash some heads when a nasty gang attempts to burn down their beloved video store. Breakneck City is a retro-style 3D beat ’em up that emphasizes environmental interactions. Breakneck City introduces late-90s style brawler action to a new generation with low-poly visuals, pixel art textures, and the option to join up for 2-player local co-op play.

Punch, kick, and dodge your way through six difficult levels, which include metropolitan streets, a dance club, skyscrapers, and more! Take on gangs of various opponent kinds as well as formidable bosses. Pick up weapons to improve your battle effectiveness and take advantage of the surroundings. Swing from lampposts, kick your opponents into rubbish bins or out windows, and deliver deadly dive-kicks from the sky. Against these difficult opponents, you’ll have to make the most of your surroundings!

Key Features

  • Battle your way through six hand-crafted 3D levels!
  • Play as one of two playable characters or join up with a friend to play as both in local co-op.
  • Equip yourself with weaponry to win the upper hand!
  • Make use of the surroundings for swift takedowns and unique assaults.
  • Appreciate the retro arcade aesthetics and low-poly design.

Breakneck City will be available as an eShop download for Nintendo Switch.