Burger Bistro Story releasing April 21st

Burger Bistro Story releasing April 21st

Kairosoft is back on Nintendo Switch with more management sim fun — this time, gamers will be getting their hands dirty with fast food.

Burger Bistro Story will be available for $14 USD on the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 21, 2022. Create your own cafe with a variety of dishes, grill your way to success, and provide a genuinely personalized experience for your customers!


About Burger Bistro Story

Prepare to be wowed by a new fast food wonder! Create your own restaurant and succeed by grilling your way to the top. Create a variety of recipes to give your customers a genuinely personalized experience!

Experiment in the kitchen and think beyond the box. Substitute a fish fillet and tartare sauce for the beef patty, or a bacon, lettuce, and egg combination for the meat patty. Only your creativity is a constraint!

The good times don’t end with burgers. To really captivate the hearts of your consumers, provide menus for side dishes, beverages, and desserts.

Just don’t let your celebrity get the best of you. You’ll have to supervise your employees and train them to enhance their abilities. You’ll be providing world-class customer service even during the noon rush before you know it!

Maintain a steady income flow, and you’ll be able to expand your business. Are you capable of managing many shops at the same time? Will you smash your opponents and seize their territory?

Open your business right now and take over the food sector!