Chocobo GP – Season 1 Extended until end of May

Chocobo GP – Season 1 Extended until end of May

Square Enix announced that Season One of Chocobo GP’s Prize Pass content will be extended.

Season One’s conclusion date has been extended from May 16th to May 30th, allowing players a couple additional weeks to acquire the different awards available on the ladder. Furthermore, Square Enix will modify Season rules to enable players to carry over any leftover Gil cash to the following season rather than converting it to points.

These changes are most likely in reaction to player feedback over the Season Pass and other freemium elements when the game first launched. Only time will tell whether these adjustments are sufficient to rehabilitate the game in the eyes of its naysayers.

About Chocobo GP

As the checkered flag waves, an unpredictable and chaotic entertaining race begins, with something unexpected happening at every bend!

Join Chocobo and his buddies as they race around the track in a variety of bizarre cars!

Learn the fundamentals in narrative mode, then take on all comers in your preferred game style! Using each character’s unique skills, you may blast the opponent with traditional magic spells like fire and air, or even turn the tables in a miraculous comeback!

There are several game modes to choose from, including time attack challenges and tournament-style survival races.

Take part in frantic racing action with gamers from all around the globe.