Cloud Gardens is coming May 12th

Cloud Gardens is coming May 12th

Cloud Gardens, published by Coatsink and developed by noio, will be released for Nintendo Switch on May 12, 2022, for $17.99 / £13.99 / €14.99 / 1,840 yen. Players will be balancing the natural and the manmade as they grow their own gorgeous and dystopian dioramas in the game.


About Cloud Gardens


Use nature’s power to overgrow lo-fi sceneries of urban degradation and manmade landscapes. Plant seeds, repurpose hundreds of abandoned materials, and create unique buildings for nature to reclaim to create miniature plant-covered dioramas of brutalism and beauty.


Dive into a relaxed sandbox mode with no aims, or go on a multi-chapter “campaign” in which the goal is to find a balance between the natural and the constructed. Adding things encourages luxuriant vegetation to develop, but each object must be covered with foliage for the process to continue.

Cloud Gardens is halfway between a sandbox toy and a challenging game. Part gardening simulator, part dystopian landscape builder, and part puzzle game that is both enjoyable and free of irritation. It is a soothing experience that transports you from one scene to the next while stimulating creativity and the development of your own ideas.


This is a relaxing game in which the main aim is to enjoy your own creativity. Players may download looping videos of their finished dioramas and share them with other gardeners from all over the internet, and our Discord channel has a thriving gardener community.

  • Solve organic puzzles in a peaceful 3D environment.
  • In creative mode, you may make anything you want.
  • Unlock a massive collection of artifacts and plantlife.
  • Please share your works.
  • Amos Roddy, Kingdom’s composer, contributes generative soundscapes.