Cotton Fantasy – Some fresh gameplay

Cotton Fantasy – Some fresh gameplay

Cotton Fantasy was released in Japan as Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll last month, and fans of the game can now check out some fresh gameplay.


About Cotton Fantasy

Cotton Fantasy is a brand-new installment in the Cotton series, in which Cotton and Silk go on a new journey, this time with high-definition graphics! The game incorporates many new shoot ’em up concepts with the traditional Cotton playstyle, resulting in a more precise and contemporary gaming experience than ever before. Cotton Fantasy delivers a lot of variety and replayability in your quest for the top score, with 6 classic playable characters, 16 colorful and diverse scrolling levels with vertical, horizontal, and 3D movement, and an exhilarating soundtrack with iconic remixed tunes from previous games.

This is a terrific and accessible new shoot ’em up game for lovers of the series and newbies alike, with a lighthearted tale full of lovely, amusing cutscenes and completely spoken in Japanese.

Cotton Fantasy is currently available in Japan for the Nintendo Switch. ININ Games will be in charge of publishing in the west at a later date; no precise release date has been set.