Dead by Daylight – surpassed 50 million players

Dead by Daylight – surpassed 50 million players

The online game Dead by Daylight, which enables players to select between a Killer and one of four Survivors, has already topped 50 million players.

The official Dead by Daylight Twitter account congratulated fans for their participation and shared a brief video congratulating them. Dead by Daylight is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop, but be warned: it’s a bloodbath. Have a blast!

About Dead by Daylight

Death Isn’t a Way Out.

Have you ever wanted to play as one of your favorite horror movie characters? Dead by Daylight is a 1v4 multiplayer game in which you may play as either an unstoppable Killer or one of four Survivors attempting to avoid a terrible end. There are 9 murderers and 10 survivors to pick from in this version, as well as three cosmetic packs.

SURVIVAL TOGETHER… OR NOT – Survivors might choose to work together or to be selfish. Whether you work together as a team or go at it alone, your chances of survival will differ. Will you be able to outsmart the Killer and make it out of their Killing Ground?

A FEAST FOR KILLERS – Dead by Daylight is a horror film that borrows from all corners of the genre. As a Killer, you may act as anything from a terrible paranormal entity to a strong slasher. To be able to seek, capture, and sacrifice your victims, get familiar with your killing grounds and learn each Killer’s specific ability. In addition to meeting some of the most memorable Killers and Survivors from horror series, this dangerous game of cat and mouse allows you to meet some of the most iconic Killers and Survivors from horror franchises.

DEEPER AND DEEPER – Each Killer and Survivor has its own complex growth system and a plethora of unlockables that you can tailor to your own particular approach. To hunt or outsmart the Killer, you’ll need a lot of experience, talents, and knowledge of the surroundings.

Actual PEOPLE, REAL FEAR – Each gaming session is an unexpected situation because to the varied stages and real human responses to sheer terror. You’ll never be able to predict how things will end out. Ambience, music, and eerie settings come together to create a scary experience. If you give yourself enough time, you may be able to figure out what’s lurking in The Fog.