Dead Cells – Break the Bank update

Dead Cells – Break the Bank update

Dead Cells has recently got a new “Bank the Break” update, which adds more free content for all players.


Break the Bank update

The Bank, a new optional biome that emerges in your run at random, is a highlight of the patch. The only way to get to it is to open the chest as soon as you see it. If you miss out, you won’t be able to get the chest until you start a new run. By reaching the Hand of the King or the Queen once, anybody may open The Bank.

The Break the Bank update for Dead Cells introduces three new opponents (Agitated Pickpocket, Gold Gorger, and Golden Kamikaze), three new weapons (Gold Digger, Dagger of Profit, and Money Shooter), and three new mutations (Midas’ Blood, Gold Plating, and Get Rich Quick). This is in addition to new biome-specific mechanics, new clothing, and a few narrative chambers.

The entire patch notes for the latest Dead Cells update can be found here; 

About Dead Cells

Discover a large, ever-changing island full of mysteries, branching pathways, and difficult adversaries. As you acquire permanent enhancements, the silky smooth controls, fast-paced fighting, and unquestionably pleasurable game-feel make each run more addicting than the last. As you learn about the island’s personalities and stories, many difficulty modifiers will let you choose the ideal challenge fo you.

Just one more run in RogueVania!

Dead Cells is an action adventure game in which you must explore an island and complete the game without dying in one run! Each run is unique due to the fact that the island changes every time you die.

But don’t worry, every time you die you’ll gain resources that unlock permanent upgrades, making you stronger, giving you access to more weapons or items and even revealing new levels and paths to explore!

Furthermore, the more you investigate, the more you’ll discover about the island’s legend and history, as well as how it became infected by the sickness that plagues it.

Amazing battle and silky smooth controls…

Dead Cells has established itself as the gold standard for 2D action platformers in terms of game experience. The game feels gratifying to play as soon as you take up the controller.

This, paired with game-changing weaponry and a myriad of adversaries to learn, ensures that you’ll never get bored as you roam across the island, battling and exploring.

Everyone will discover a construct that works for them with over 130 distinct combinations, ranging from the lethal (swords, axes, spears, and bows) to the absurd (shovels, tentacles, frying pans, and inflated doors).

Difficulty Levels Can Be Changed:

We’ve also heard that many individuals don’t have the time to devote hundreds of hours to mastering a single game, so we’ve devised a variety of methods for you to play and enjoy the challenge.

From the Custom Mode, you may choose and select your weapons, adversaries, and other options. To the new Aspects, which provide you with fascinating bonuses that work in tandem with your preferred playstyle to help you complete the game.

Of course, anybody who wants to take off the gloves and go down swinging will find plenty of challenge.

A Vast World to Discover:

Whether it’s the filthy hallways of a medieval jail, the gorgeous sunset from the ramparts, or the frightening confines of an old cemetery, each route will bring you through a series of distinct levels, each with its own opponents, level design, and secrets to discover.

It may seem difficult to go beyond the first level when you first start exploring, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it, and practically every replay will reveal something new to aid you in your mission.

With so much to see and do, it’ll be difficult to refrain from chanting the hallowed words… just one more run!

Physical and digital copies of the game are available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch. The update is also free for all gamers.