Dead Cells – Milestone 2 Million copies sold

Dead Cells – Milestone 2 Million copies sold

Motion Twin is celebrating another major milestone for the hit indie game Dead Cells.

According to the company, Dead Cells has just crossed 2 million copies sold across all platforms. To celebrate, Motion Twin is holding a sale for the game which is now discounted at 20% off across all eShop regions.

It has only been 2 months since Dead Cells had sold 1 million copies, widely reported during the 2019 Game Developer Conference. Motion Twin would also like to clarify that those sales figures were from a marketing presentation shown in December 2018.

Official announcement

The team behind the 2018 smash hit Dead Cells announced today that Dead Cells has now surpassed the 2 million sales milestone.

Recently at the 2019 Game Developer Conference it was widely reported Dead Cells had sold 1 million copies. The articles citing that figure seemed to have stemmed from a presentation slide at GDC that referenced sales figures as part of a larger presentation on marketing. The sales figures used in that presentation were from December 2018.

We are pleased to report that the most accurate and up to date sales figures top two million copies.
Dead Cells is also now available at 20 percent off on the Nintendo eShop.