Dead Cells Prisoner’s Edition Bundle Revealed, Up For Pre-Order

Dead Cells Prisoner’s Edition Bundle Revealed, Up For Pre-Order

Merge Games dropped a surprise announcement about a new Dead Cells Prisoner’s Edition bundle, which features loads of extra goodies along with the base game.

These extras include an exclusive tin case, vinyl soundtrack, a 22 cm statue, and much more!

Personal conflict

Somehow I am conflicted a bit … as I do own the digital version (twice even), the digital dlc’s, the normal physical and their Signature Edition. A new bundle was not what I was expecting (or perhaps even hoping for). Merge Games are awesome … do not get me wrong there.

But getting another version of the game might be a bit much.

That being said … If you are new to Dead Cells, this is a great deal and I would highly suggest you get it.


Prisoner’s Edition Bundle

The £89.99 bundle will be shipping out on 30 June 2020, but pre-orders are open right now!

However, collectors should note that the cartridge is the same as the ‘Action Game of the Year’ release that launched earlier last year. As such, the cartridge will automatically download the ‘Rise of the Giant’ DLC from the eShop, while the bundle will include a one-time code for players to redeem the new ‘Bad Seed’ DLC.

Full to bursting with exclusive content, Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition is the ultimate physical version of the game for fans and collectors alike. Presented in an embossed tin, emblazoned with the Dead Cells iconic flame logo, the centrepiece of Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition is a detailed, 22cm-tall figurine of the Prisoner brandishing one of the game’s stranger weapons, the Vorpan!

The Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition also contains three collector pin badges, featuring all-new designs, four metallic stickers together with an exclusive print art card and a numbered collector’s certificate. Music fans will be excited to know a 7”, four-track, orange vinyl record is also included.

Finally, the tin contains a NintendoSwitch copy of Dead Cells – Action Game of the Year (containing the game, a bonus artbook and keyring) together with a digital code allowing access to the new The Bad Seed DLC.

Important ordering information

Due to the weight and value of the Dead Cells Prisoner’s Edition we are only able to send one per order. The system will automatically inform you there are no shipping options if you try to order more than one unit at a time. If you want multiple items, you will need to make multiple orders.


DLC Information

Free content DLC for Dead Cells, including The Rise of the Giant, needs to be automatically downloaded and installed from the Nintendo eShop. The Bad Seed DLC will be supplied as a code that you will need to redeem from the Nintendo eShop.

Please note that customers purchasing Dead Cells Prisoner’s Edition in €s or £s will receive a code for the European Nintendo eShop. Customers purchasing Dead Cells Prisoner’s Edition in $s will receive a code for American Nintendo eShop. If in doubt please contact our customer service team before you place your order ( ).

PS: when are we getting a full on Dead Cells anime?!