Dead Cells The Queen & The Sea DLC – The animated trailer

Dead Cells The Queen & The Sea DLC  – The animated trailer

The Queen & The Sea DLC for Dead Cells is now out, and we’ve got a new video to go along with it. We’ve already seen gameplay, but this is completely animated.


About The Queen & The Sea DLC

The Infested Shipwreck and The Lighthouse are two fresh new Biomes in The Queen & The Sea DLC. The new Biomes, which run concurrently with the High Peak Castle and Throne Room levels, transport players to a decaying shipwreck where they will be pursued by eldritch creatures (of course) into the depths of this creepy and ghostly ancient vessel. The Lighthouse, the second Biome, features vertical exploration of a soaring tower, where players must climb upward as quickly as they can to avoid rising flames while fighting off highly talented fighters who want nothing more than to put an end to your journey. This last Biome is both magnificent and invigorating, as well as difficult.

And, since we can’t introduce new Biomes without also introducing a terrifying new Boss, at the top of The Lighthouse, a brand-new and shockingly elegant figure makes her entrance. The Queen is here to greet you. We’re not going to announce anything further about her until after the launch, so you’re met fresh and without anticipation. Thank you very much.

The Queen & The Sea adds a new developing pet to your arsenal as well as nine lethal new weapons to tackle the new foes and difficulties you’ll face. The Leghugger, your new pet, is an evolving, summonable monster that feeds by attacking your foes until it gradually evolves into its stronger adult version, which is… well, sort of fantastic, in our opinion. A Hand Hook that tosses adversaries into walls, The Abyssal Trident, a hidden treasure in the depths of the shipwreck that may be obtained via a secret side mission, and The Queen’s Rapier, a strong weapon that cuts through reality are among the new weapons in the DLC. There are also several new costumes and surprises to discover. In Dead Cells, you may now hurl a live shark towards mobs.