Deadcraft announced

Deadcraft announced

Deadcraft, a new zombie survival game for Nintendo Switch and other platforms, has been unveiled by Marvelous, XSEED Games, and Marvelous Europe, as well as developer First Studio.

Deadcraft, developed by the same team as Daemon X Machina, puts players in the shoes of half-zombie Reid as he tries to survive the zombie apocalypse. Players will be able to not only use the undead abilities concealed inside Reid’s zombie side, but also grow and harvest their own full-fledged zombies to battle alongside them. It’ll be released on Switch and other platforms on May 19th, 2022, with a free demo accessible in the eshop.


About Deadcraft

Watch in awe as Reid, a half-human, half-zombie protagonist, slashes through opponents on his quest for revenge! Fend off adversaries with his extraordinary zombie abilities while investigating the wasteland for information about what happened to the one guy he could trust. To stand at Reid’s side against anything the apocalypse throws at him, create exotic new weaponry, conjure strange potions, or even raise and harvest zombie warriors. It’s a scary world, and Reid must use the dead to his advantage in order to remain alive!

DEADCRAFT is Marvelous’ First Studio’s newest lethal and adventurous game, following in the footsteps of DAEMON X MACHINA. As if a shower of meteors destroying the planet and turning it into a desolate wasteland wasn’t horrible enough, the destruction unleashed a mystery virus that revived the dead. Only a minority of the human population survives, primarily grouped into isolated outposts where power-hungry opportunists profit from the turmoil. Part-zombie Reid, a rare survivor of the infection, is kidnapped by the Ark’s sadistic commander, Nebron. Reid is determined to return to the city and inflict some apocalyptic retribution after escaping from the torture table into the surrounding wilderness.


  • Plant new corpses (or simply a mix of limbs) into the ground and provide them with some TLC until they blossom into an undead force of troops, sentinels, and more!
  • Creeptastic Crafting – Surviving the apocalypse sometimes requires making new weapons out of whatever bits may be found. Other times, it means enlisting the help of a devoted zombie to aid in the construction and operation of a monstrous factory churning out an unholy mix of survival supplies.
  • Reid’s undead side provides him a strong fighting edge, enabling him to shelter himself from harm or swat adversaries away like pesky gnats. But, as each consumed foe draws him closer to his zombie side, he’ll have to be careful not to lose his humanity.
  • Help other survivors discover new recipes or talents by being a Savior…or a Scourge. If Reid is short on cash or supplies, bribe a local and steal it from them… ‘As long as he’s okay with the possibility of being a wanted man.’