Death’s Gambit: Afterlife – Ashes of Vados DLC

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife – Ashes of Vados DLC

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife gamers on Nintendo Switch may now access new DLC, Ashes of Vados, which was recently released. This comes after the game’s first release in September.

About Death’s Gambit: Afterlife Ashes of Vados

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife Ashes of Vados serves as a postscript to the main tale, introducing additional features and modes. It includes new boss battles, a new fighting arena, and other features.

  • New Boss Fights: A new boss fight against Ash will continue the main plot; beating him unlocks a dramatically different and more difficult heroic version of this boss fight, in which the player will face off against “The Eldritch Hand.”
  • Halls of Cruelty’s latest platforming challenge will put your reflexes and platforming abilities to the test.
  • New Combat Arena: Put your endurance to the test by battling wave after wave of foes in the new Horde mode.
  • Boss Rush: The new Boss Rush option enables you to battle all of the game’s bosses in regular or heroic difficulty back to back.
  • New Game Modes: Randomized Things (each pickup gives you a random item), Heroic Forced (all monsters are fought in heroic mode), Madness Mode (all equipped items except weapons are destroyed when you die), and Fink Mode (Fink will ambush you at various points throughout the game)

All new goods are awarded for completing the Ash boss battle, Halls of Cruelty, Boss Rush mode, and arena challenges.

The DLC for Death’s Gambit: Afterlife, The Ashes of Vados, is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The new content is $7.99 USD.

About Death’s Gambit: Afterlife

A pact bonds you to Death, who aims to destroy immortality. In this intense 2D action RPG, will you perform his bidding and restore natural order, or will you fall to its power?

Siradon is built on the promise of immortality. As Death’s right hand, battle the realm’s everlasting guards and endure the unending struggle to purify their souls.

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife is an updated and enlarged version of the original hardcore 2D RPG action platformer Death’s Gambit. To battle the monsters that lie within Siradon, master the precise combat, employing a vast range of weapons and skills. Discover the real cost of immortality in a strange and harsh universe.

Afterlife adds a plethora of extra material to the original game, including 10 new levels, over 30 weapons, 5 new monsters, mechanical upgrades, and more. Your decisions will have an impact on the dramatic conclusion to Sorun’s story.


  • Vast Globe – Explore a vast world with over 20 gorgeously portrayed levels. Discover the secrets of eccentric personalities from all areas of life.
  • Metroidvania – Unlock new mobility and fighting enhancements to open up and extend the environment.
  • Character Classes – Choose from 7 playable classes, over 100 talents in the skill tree, and multi-class to customize your battle style.
  • Incredible Bosses – Hunt 20 towering monsters and other legendary beasts. Each boss is a challenge that requires a different strategy to vanquish.
  • Heroic Mode – Defeated bosses get a second wind in a considerably more difficult heroic mode that becomes available immediately after defeating them. Give yourself a new challenge and master your new skills.
  • Non-Linear Exploration — Explore stages and bosses in a non-linear sequence, and uncover side regions with additional secrets to discover and foes to defeat.
  • Character Customization – Arm your character with over 30 different weapons such as bows, scythes, longswords, halberds, and more. With a wealth of skills and upgrades, you may choose how you use them.
  • Alternate Endings – Determine Sorun’s destiny as you travel through the tale by completing objectives and making important choices.
  • Crafting – Gather, hunt, and deconstruct objects found across the environment to make new and valuable equipment for your journey through Siradon.
  • Evocative Score – With nearly 3 hours of evocative music composed by Kyle Hnedak, experience an intricately crafted score that sets the tone for Death’s Gambit: Afterlife’s world.
  • New Game Plus – Complete Afterlife to unlock New Game+ in brackets of three that allow you to set your own difficulty. Relive Sorun’s adventure with new opponent variations and modifications only to New Game+.