Decarnation a story-rich adventure horror game is coming

Decarnation a story-rich adventure horror game is coming

Shiro Games and Atelier QDB announced that Decarnation will be released for Nintendo Switch. The project is currently scheduled to be completed in 2023.

Decarnation is a narrative-driven adventure horror game.


About Decarnation

Where do you flee when creatures from inside your head pursue you?

Explore a disturbing realm, both literal and metaphorical, in search of the secrets to defeating inner and outside demons. Immerse yourself in a profoundly emotional drama happening in a malicious, sophisticated environment. Play through a variety of riddles, scary animals, lovecraftian landscapes, and symbolic minigames.

Decarnation draws influence from classic 2D adventure-horror and survival-horror games, as well as cult films by Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue) and David Lynch (Mulholland Drive).

Paris, 1990. Gloria had reached her breaking point. A failing cabaret dancer suffering with the fraying of her relationships, career, and self-esteem embarks on a new creative venture supported by an unknown benefactor. Will Gloria’s generous proposition be her fortunate break, or something worse?

Decarnation is a survival thriller with rich psychological stakes that examines the difference between overcoming physical restrictions and the mental worlds one cannot escape.

Decarnation is an intense, shocking story-driven experience that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Decarnation combines traditional survival horror elements (cryptic puzzles to solve, hostile environments to explore, lethal predators to avoid, terrifying boss to defeat, and so on) with a wide range of symbolic minigames (puzzles, reflexes, rhythm, and so on) that account for real-life or metaphorical situations (performing a cabaret show on stage).

Once discovered, crucial components of Gloria’s life assist her in overcoming monsters in her dreams in unique conflicts that blend the horrific with the sublime to reflect her survival struggle. Gloria is strengthened by overcoming problems in her dreams, and her real-life concerns produce new challenges in her dreams.

Decarnation will be available digitally on the Nintendo Switch next year.