Digimon Survive – Character trailer

Digimon Survive – Character trailer

A character trailer for Digimon Survive has been released independently from the game’s presentation at Digimon Con. This trailer features several of the key characters and their Digimon partners, as well as a list of the Voice Actors/Actresses for each.


About Digimon Survive 

A Surprising Adventure Awaits… Digimon Survive, which marks the franchise’s 20th anniversary, is a tactical RPG with an emphasis on storyline and turn-based fights.

Takuma Momozuka goes on a school camping trip only to be transported to a weird realm teeming with monsters and peril. In Digimon Survive, you’ll be able to construct your own tale and battle your way back home with Takuma and Agumon.

Story that is interesting – Experience anime-style narrative with intense drama, animated sequences, and a one-of-a-kind cast of characters developed by Uichi Ukumo.

You Have the Authority – Through different endings, your decisions have a significant impact on the gameplay. Every choice matters, from forming strategic alliances to Digimon Digivolutions!

Soundtrack Original – Enjoy an incredible soundtrack composed by world-renowned composer Tomoki Miyoshi, which includes over 15 tracks.

Thrilling and Strategic Gameplay — Defeat your opponents in turn-based tactical battle.

Digimon Survive will be released in Japan on July 28, 2022, and globally on July 29, 2022.