Digimon Survive – Takuma and Agumon profile

Digimon Survive – Takuma and Agumon profile

Bandai Namco has unveiled a new profile for one of the key characters in Digimon Survive. This first character biography introduces Takuma and his companion Agumon, the leaders of the group of campers that are taken to the Digiworld.

This will likely be followed by profiles of the rest of the core cast, so stay tuned for more as they become available.


Takuma Momozuka

VA: Kohei Amasaki

Takuma is a typical eighth-grader from a good home.

He attended the program to learn the folklore of the area.

A strange force transfers him into another reality when he visits a shrine famed for its paranormal qualities.

With the assistance of his buddy, Agumon, Takuma is determined to guide his pals back to the real world.


VA: Chika Sakamoto

Agumon is a dinosaur-like, reptilian Digimon.

Takuma meets Agumon in the parallel universe. Agumon may transform into several forms dependent on Takuma’s influence.

About Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive is a visual novel/tactical role-playing game combination set in a mystery environment teeming with frightening creatures and terrible combat that will test your capacity to survive.

After being disoriented on a school excursion, Takuma Momozuka is transferred to a realm populated by formidable opponents and new friends. Join Takuma and his companions as they battle their way home. Create your own narrative in an exciting graphic novel including turn-based combat.

– A Comprehensive Visual Novel Experience

Unravel a bleak story of friendship and survival that is filled with thrilling action, a diverse cast of people, and possibly bleak decisions.

– A Mysterious Universe

Explore strange regions packed with mysteries and recruitable Digimon.

– You Hold the Ace

Your decisions impact the gameplay, the development of your Digimon, and the conclusion of your journey.

– Exciting and Tactical Gameplay

Convince your foes to join your squad and develop them so they can fight with you in turn-based fights.