Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character Super Baby 2 gameplay

Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character Super Baby 2 gameplay

Bandai Namco UK announced Dragon Ball FighterZ will see the arrival of Super Baby 2. The character will be unlockable two days early for those of you who purchased the FighterZ Pass 3.

To celebrate the announcement, Bandai Namco UK has unleashed a four minute epic trailer of Super Baby 2 in action in the fast and frantic Dragon Ball FighterZ. Dragon Ball FighterZ is available right now on Nintendo Switch.


About Super Baby 2

Baby is the last survivor of the Tuffle race who is rebuilt by his creation, Dr. Myuu as a Machine Mutant to exterminate the Saiyans and restore his kind by controlling everyone on Earth. He is the main antagonist of the Baby Saga in Dragon Ball GT.

Due to the Tuffle King’s DNA within Baby, he is also tremendously proud, and he prefers to fight one-on-one. Being one of the two survivors of the Tuffle race (the other being Dr. Lychee), who were all but exterminated by the Saiyans, he bears a deep hatred of the Saiyans.

Super Baby 2 is the 19th DLC character to be released for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. This is the 3rd form of Baby after he had taken over Vegeta in the Dragon Ball GT series.