Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue announced

Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue announced

Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue, a roguelite spin-off in the tower defense action RPG series, was released by Chromatic Games. It was released unexpectedly on Steam Early Access, although it will be released on consoles later.


About Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue

Prepare to safeguard the Eternia Crystal from hordes of nasty monsters once again. Dungeons have a reputation for being brutal and forgiving places where a single error may cost a Defender their life, and more crucially, their riches! To slay armies of orcs, goblins, dragons, and other ferocious fiends, think quickly and employ randomly rolled runes. Before confronting three increasingly tougher bosses, heal up with life-preserving items and keep damage low.

At the outset of each journey, choose from four famous characters: Squire, Huntress, Apprentice, and Monk, each with unique attacks, skills, and towers. Secure ever-improving gear from fallen foes while experimenting with new build combinations to develop the most devastating armament possible, including a weapon, off-hands, and two towers (including the near-infinite combination of runes). Battle through more than 20 diverse landscapes, including castles, castle roofs, woodlands, deserts, and more, to improve run after run. Take on the task alone or in online co-op with a group of up to four other Rogue Defenders.

Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue is slated for release on the Nintendo Switch, with additional console versions following at a later date. However, Chromatic Games has yet to announce a release date.