Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – Launches May 10th

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – Launches May 10th

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, a new 2.5D action RPG coming to Nintendo Switch and other major platforms, was announced last year by publisher 505 Games and creators Rabbit & Bear Studios and Natsume Atari. So, the wait is nearly over!

The businesses have stated that the game will be available for $14.99 USD on the Nintendo Switch and other key platforms on May 10, 2022. As previously reported, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will be a companion game to the Suikoden creators’ previously announced Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, though Hundred Heroes has yet to be confirmed on Nintendo Switch.


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About Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Fortune-seeking adventurers and merchants from all over the world gather after a great earthquake exposed Runebarrows deep beneath the settlement of New Nevaeh on the Allraan’s remote frontier. Three star-crossed heroes meet together among people looking for treasure. CJ, the Venerable Scavenger, and Garoo, the Beastman Mercenary, are attempting to mine the Rune Lens, an underground wellspring of magic. Isha, the Young Deputy Mayor, wants her town to be rebuilt.

Explore the ruins and master the rewarding battle in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Attack with CJ’s climbing axes, hurl spells from afar like Isha, and punish adversaries with Garoo’s massive blade. Destroy inventive bosses by switching between characters and unleashing powerful Link Attacks that combine each hero’s specialization, all while platforming across beautiful 2.5D surroundings.

Restore New Neveah to its former splendor by scavenging dungeons and earning resources, and reap advantages that will be applied to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes when it launches in 2023. Special cosmetics, precious equipment, and trade commodities are examples of cross content. Make your mark on the world of Eiyuden Chronicle by naming weapons and delicacies in Rising, which will be carried over to Hundred Heroes the following year.

A vast plot with shocking repercussions for the Eiyuden Chronicle universe is hidden within the Runebarrows. Playing through the inciting events in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will help you prepare for Hundred Heroes’ complicated plot and global journey.