Eldest Souls – Free Depths of the Forgotten expansion

Eldest Souls – Free Depths of the Forgotten expansion

Eldest Souls has recently received additional content in the shape of the Depths of the Forgotten expansion, several months after its original release. It is now available for all Nintendo Switch players. To get the DLC, just install the most recent update, version 1.1.23.

Depths of the Forgotten introduces a new and dangerous zone, three new monsters, a new set of unique weapons, and a brand-new, obliterating ability.


The expansion offers around 30% additional content in the form of three new boss encounters, each with its unique terrain and terrifyingly complex attack patterns. As players journey down the Forgotten Depths, far from the faint brilliance of the moon, they are rewarded with even more personalization possibilities, adding to the game’s already broad spectrum of unique powers and movesets.

“Depths of the Forgotten” also includes the following:

  • Orenai the Watcher, a mysterious new NPC.
  • Four one-of-a-kind, game-changing weapons.
  • A comprehensive new weapon upgrading system.
  • New, buried mythology expands on the universe of the Eldest Souls.

About Eldest Souls

Eldest Souls now contains ‘Depths of the Forgotten,’ a free significant update that adds a new and hazardous zone, three new monsters, a variety of exotic weapons, a weapon customization system, and an all-new, obliterating ability.

Following eons of slavery, Man ultimately revolted against the Old Gods, imprisoning these massive tragedies beneath the Citadel’s holy walls. But something wicked was stirring inside…

The Old Gods have unleashed a tremendous Desolation onto the planet as a last act of retribution. Mankind is vanishing, with just a glimmer of hope left.

The load that one lone Warrior bears is heavy. Armed with a greatsword made of pure Obsydian.

Difficult Combat:

Fast-paced and difficult Souls-like combat awaits, where every second counts. However, fate favors the brave, and destroying the Old Gods may bestow abilities beyond human conception on the player.

Brutality by Bosses:

Eldest Souls concentrates on the most difficult and exciting combat encounters – the Bosses! – with each Old God giving a fresh and distinct task for the player to face… with appropriate rewards for those who succeed!

An Eternal Kingdom:

You’ll come across interesting NPCs, exciting questlines, and a succession of dark and scary secrets as you explore the labyrinthine corridors in pursuit of the Old Gods. Slowly unearth the truth about the Old Gods and their enslavement for millennia…

Perfect Pixels:

Enjoy the pixel beauty of the sacred Citadel, which is overflowing with magnificent 16-bit attention-to-detail. But don’t stare for too long. This human achievement monument has long been forgotten, and something terrible has taken root deep inside.

Your Design, Your Rules:

Every encounter with the Old Gods brings with it its own set of challenges… and rewards. Claim their heavenly powers to get access to a plethora of distinct Talents and Abilities, allowing you to create your own battle style from a plethora of combinations.


  • Fight your way through a series of unusually difficult combat confrontations.
  • As you explore the old Citadel, you’ll come across a slew of fascinating NPCs and questlines.
  • Unravel the mysteries of the Old Gods before the world is destroyed.
  • Marvel at the magnificent pixel-perfect visual design, oozing with exquisite attention-to-detail.
  • It’s your build, and you choose the rules. Choose from a plethora of ability combinations to create your own battle style.

Eldest Souls is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.