Embr adds Secret Hosr mode

Embr adds Secret Hosr mode

On Nintendo Switch, Embr received a fresh update that includes a whole new Secret Hosr multiplayer mode. It permits four Responders to embark on longer missions with more customers and hazardous explosives on the verge of detonation that must be disposed of.

For the first time in this mode, players will be pitted against one of their colleagues. You must keep your customers safe, the building secure, and the explosives defused since a Hosr Agent has infiltrated the assignment. If players feel they know who the saboteur is, they may file a complaint to vote the agent out.


Muse Games team manager Howard Tsao commented about the new Secret Hosr mode for Embr:

Just when you think things can’t get much faster or crazier, Secret Hosr appears. We’re excited to watch how players work together to defuse explosives set by competing corporate spies, as well as the chaos that ensues when gamers start pointing fingers at one another as prospective ‘Saboteurs.’ It’s the next phase in Embr’s growth, and we’re looking forward to welcoming the millions of GamePass subscribers to the celebration.

About Embr

Firefighting Mayhem in a Chaotic Co-Op

Assemble a team of buddies to become the best firemen money can buy. Rush inside blazing structures with deadly risks, valuables, and cutting-edge security systems. Fight fires, save lives, rescue property, and earn money that will change your life. Purchase high-tech tools with sophisticated upgrades as well as new costumes that unlock new game modes.

There’s enough fire for everyone! Play alone or with a response crew of up to four players online, with dynamic difficulty that adjusts to your team’s size.

Play through 25 different levels spread over three districts, each having its own set of traps, perils, and increasing danger.

There are many different ways to be a hero. Breaking down doors, smashing windows, repairing electrical circuits, clearing gas leaks, eluding security systems, and doing whatever is takes to get the work done and get paid.

To capture the attention of rich clients, get five-star evaluations. If you’re low on cash, take a few valuables when the customers aren’t looking.

With a variety of equipment, upgrades, trucks, and clothes, you may create the perfect personalized firefighting experience. With the fall-damage-reducing Dummy Helmet, defy gravity with the unique Double Jump Baseball Cap, put on a pair of insulated gloves to survive a brush with those pesky electrical dangers, or try any of the 17 equipment alternatives available, you can leap from towering buildings with ease.

With fresh mission types, daily and weekly challenges, and lots of achievements to chase, Embr will have you coming back for more.

Embr is now available on Nintendo Switch, both physically and digitally, and the Secret Horse mode upgrade is available as a free download.