FCC Application suggests new controller to be announced

FCC Application suggests new controller to be announced

The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is suggesting a new Nintendo Switch controller may be unveiled soon. Companies are required to register wireless devices with the FCC in the US in order to legally sell them in the country.

It  was published very recently on September 16th, and is for a “Nintendo Game Controller” with an FCC ID of “BKEHAC043”.

HAC means controller?

The ID is interesting because of the letters “HAC”, which is a code used for all Nintendo Switch products (e.g. Switch = HAC-001, Left Joy-Con = HAC-015), all but confirming that this new “HAC043” controller is for the Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, the official Nintendo Switch SNES controller has the code “HAC042”, which has led some to speculate that the new controller could be another retro style controller.

Others suggest that it could be a new pro controller, perhaps for the OLED Nintendo Switch. At the time of this writing, Nintendo themselves have yet to officially announce any new Nintendo Switch controller of such kind.