Fight’N Rage – version 1.0.6 patch notes

Fight’N Rage – version 1.0.6 patch notes

Fight’N Rage received a new update, bringing the game to version 1.0.6. Players may now examine game statistics, choose a hidden mode, and see new enemy outfits. Small performance enhancemens have also been made.

Version 1.0.6 patch notes

Statistics: Because I’ve always valued openness, you can now check game statistics (which were already being handled internally since the initial version of the game!). So, if you’re curious about how many times you’ve been destroyed or how many times you’ve destroyed the game (among other things), you can now find out! (To do so, just go to the “Extras” section.)

Minimal different performance improvements: This was inevitable while you were working on your own framework. =)

What am I saying?: A new secret mo… ahem… It would be absurd to think that after reaching an endgame and purchasing characters 9, 16, and 17, you can access a new game mode by doing something as silly as stopping in the “Arcade Mode” option and hitting such a strange sequence as “back, back, forward, forward” twice, and then “back, forward” four times. I’m talking gibberish… Don’t pay attention to me. =)

Finally, I included new enemy costumes: For some reason, introducing a 3 player option where you can also pick adversaries would be disappointing, since there are monsters with just two suits… or that the most interesting foes to play as Diane have a limited number of suits accessible. Don’t you agree?

The Fight’N Rage version 1.0.6 update is now available for all gamers to download.

About Fight’N Rage

Set in a dark future when humans are enslaved by mutants, Fight’N Rage is a side-scrolling beat’em up inspired by arcade classics from the 1990s.

In a world where “the law of the jungle” rules… Two humans and a mutant rebel are prepared to battle to put an end to this lunacy.

Prepare to confront ferocious mutants… Get ready to Fight’N Rage!

  • Multiple endings: Your in-game activities will determine the plot!
  • Explosive combo system: Blow up your adversaries with spectacular combinations!
  • Many unlockables, including costumes, game modes, options, and even playable enemies!
  • Various weapons and a Parry System.
  • Simple to learn, difficult to master.
  • Local co-op mode: up to three players with optional friendly fire. VS Mode: 1v1 clashes against another player or the CPU. Alternatively, you may just watch CPU against CPU matches. 
  • Or just watch CPU against CPU matches. * Near-impossible bonus challenges for pro-gamers!