Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite – Free Demo available

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite – Free Demo available

Not sure if you should jump into the newly-launched Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition? Well neither are we.

So don’t forget that you can also try out a nice chunk of the adventure for free!Along with the release of the full game, the ‘Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite‘ demo is available to download as well.

As previously reported, this free demo features three dungeons for players to explore – and they can even link up with someone that has the full game to tackle a total of 13 dungeons together!

Why go for the demo first?

In short the game did not age great, is a real mess when it comes to multiplayer and went from the path when it comes to mechanics the Final Fantasy series is known for. We ourselves are not even sure if the new content makes it worthwhile.

Be sure you like this title before you buy it.


About Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

The beloved co-op adventure comes to Nintendo Switch™ featuring new content and enhancements to help you and your friends create unforgettable new memories!

FINAL FANTASY® CRYSTAL CHRONICLES™ Remastered Edition is an enchanting action RPG that follows a young group, known as the Crystal Caravans, as they embark on an epic journey to search for myrrh, a precious and rare liquid needed to cleanse and maintain a crystal protecting their world from the deadly gas, miasma.
Call upon magic and might and team up with faraway friends to take down fearsome foes! Enlist comrades to your crystal caravan in online multiplayer mode with up to four players. Adventure and exploration await your caravan in brand-new lands teeming with wonder. Featuring new areas inside dungeons, even those who played the original version will have rewarding surprises in store!

Game features:

– Choose your adventurer and begin a perilous journey to protect your world from dangerous miasma gas.
– Collect items and magic to enhance and diversify your combat options.
– Play together online with friends in a caravan of up to four, or make new friends through party matchmaking, anytime, anywhere and across different platforms!
– Enjoy improved 3D graphics and English voiceover (first time ever!).
– Discover an expanded adventure, complete with additional game options, including increased difficulty. Plus, you will find new monsters to fight, weapons to wield, and more!