Fire Emblem Engage – Meet Seadall

Fire Emblem Engage – Meet Seadall

Seadall is the latest playable character to be detailed for the role-playing video game Fire Emblem Engage, which has received yet another character introduction.


Video credits; Nintendo Everything

Meet Seadall

Seadall, a well-known dancer from Solm, has an air of graceful elegance and a mystique all her own. Because he is a great fortune teller, he is able to glimpse the futures of his comrades.

The Dancer class is where Seadall first starts his adventure in Fire Emblem Engage. An enticing dance is performed by this talented performer here. In addition, Dancers have the ability to utilize the Dance command on friends whose turns have already concluded, allowing those allies to move once more.

The Divine Dragon has reawakened.

In the conflict against the Fell Dragon, four kingdoms and heroes from other planets collaborated to defeat this formidable foe and put an end to this great evil. After a thousand years, this seal has begun to fail, and the Fell Dragon is on the verge of regaining consciousness. As a Divine Dragon, you must fulfill your mission, which is to acquire all 12 Emblem Rings and restore peace to the Continent of Elyos, by using a wide variety of methods and extensive personalization options.

Join forces with legendary figures from previous titles in the Fire Emblem series.

In this all-new chapter of the Fire Emblem series, you may use the power of Emblem Rings to call out courageous heroes like Marth and Celica, and you can add their might to your own.

Fight in a manner that is different than before.

Engaging allows you to employ weapons, talents, and other items from these legends during combat, in addition to fusing your looks together. The tactical, turn-based combat has been brought back, and a brand-new system called Engage has been added to the game to provide more levels to the strategy.

Welcome to Somniel

Discover the floating utopia of Somniel, which serves as your operational base and is positioned far above the continent of Elyos. It provides a number of different facilities and activities for the player to participate in so that they may develop their friendships and prepare for impending conflicts.

Invest in the Expansion Pass to increase your benefits.

You may test your mettle in further Divine Paralogues, earn extra Emblem characters and accessories, and experience a brand-new tale with additional characters and places if you purchase all four waves of the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass premium downloadable content packages.

The release date of Fire Emblem Engage on the Nintendo Switch is set for January 20, 2023.