Fire Emblem Engage – Meet Tiki

Fire Emblem Engage – Meet Tiki

Tiki, whose inclusion in Fire Emblem Engage was made possible by purchasing the game’s Season Pass, is the subject of the game’s newest character introduction.

Tiki, also known as the Dragon Princess Emblem, is a sweet little girl who is related to the Divine Dragons via her ancestry.


Video credits: Nintendo Everything

Meet Tiki

During a Level Up, it will be much simpler for a character’s statistics to rise because to the Sync ability “Starsphere’s Protection” that Emblem Tiki has. It is recommended that you equip her bracelet on a friend or ally whose strength you want to increase significantly.

When Emblem Tiki is in the Engaged state, he has access to a weapon called “Eternal Claw.” It facilitates the execution of critical strikes more effectively.

While Tiki is Engaged, he may battle as a dragon thanks to the “Shapeshift” talent he has in his arsenal. She receives an increase of +5 to all of her stats and Build when she transforms into a dragon.

The “Divine Dragon’s Blessing” strike that Emblem Tiki uses as part of his Engage phase gives a resurrection stone to one of his nearby allies. When your health bar reaches 0, if you have a resurrection stone, you will be brought back to life once. (Only one resurrection stone may be bestowed onto a single unit at any one time.)

About Fire Emblem Engage

In the conflict against the Fell Dragon, four kingdoms and heroes from other planets collaborated to defeat this formidable foe and put an end to this great evil. After a thousand years, this seal has begun to fail, and the Fell Dragon is on the verge of regaining consciousness. In order to fulfill your destiny as a Divine Dragon, which is to retrieve the Emblem Rings and restore peace to the Continent of Elyos, you will need to make use of a wide variety of techniques and extensive customization options.

This week, on January 20, 2023, the Fire Emblem Engage video game will become available for the Nintendo Switch.