Fire Emblem Engage – Meet Zelkov

Fire Emblem Engage – Meet Zelkov

The most recent character to be presented in Fire Emblem Engage is Zelkov, who is the center of this particular presentation. It is reported that Zelkov, a royal soldier of Elusia and Ivy’s retainer, is calm and methodical in his approach to his duties.


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Meet Zelkov

In addition to this, it seems as if everything he says has some kind of secret interpretation. In Fire Emblem Engage, Zelkov begins his adventure as a member of the Thief class. Those that have this class are able to move quickly, are skilled with the use of daggers, and are proficient at picking locks.

It seems that Zelkov has a wide variety of interests, and he is always seeking for something to lose himself in and put his heart into.

About Fire Emblem Engage

It is time to face the Fallen Dragon!

In Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch, you must call upon the Emblems in order to save Elyos and its inhabitants.

The next chapter in the Fire Emblem series takes set in Elyos, a continent that is divided into four kingdoms and has a sacred region in the middle of it all. Once upon a time, the people of Elyos and the Fell Dragon were embroiled in a bloody conflict that lasted for a thousand years.

Emblems, who are heroes from other planets, were summoned to help the people of Elyos while they were engaged in this conflict. Warriors from all of the nations joined forces to defeat the Fell Dragon while aided by the Emblems. In the end, they were victorious and were able to effectively cage the dragon. On the other hand, there are now indications suggesting that the Fell Dragon might soon be revived…

Assume the role of Alear, the Divine Dragon, who, one thousand years after the conclusion of the conflict, wakes with no recollection of their previous existence. It is imperative that you heed the call to arms and engage in strategic role-playing game battles with your friends in order to stop the resurgence of the Fell Dragon.

You may bolster your power on the battlefield by calling upon the Emblems that reside inside unique Emblem Rings. These Emblems include Marth, Celica, and other heroes from previous games in the Fire Emblem series. If Alear and their friends wear these rings, they will be able to borrow the power of these Emblems, which will either increase their statistics or give them access to skills that are even more powerful. Heroes are also able to “engage” with Emblems, which allows them to combine their powers and unleash special attacks with which to do battle against their foes.

The exciting journey has just begun! As you strive to save the world, you’ll come across a wide variety of friends and foes in each country, uncover the Emblems that are hidden inside the rings, and strengthen the relationships between the characters.

The release date of Fire Emblem Engage on the Nintendo Switch is set for January 20, 2023.