Frogsong to be released soon

Frogsong to be released soon

Frogsong is a little game that you may have heard about. Brandon Braun was able to raise funds for the project via Kickstarter last summer. The campaign finished with approximately CA$ 30,000 raised, as well as confirmation of Switch’s support.

About Frogsong

Frogsong’s official slogan is, “A sincere adventure game where it’s acceptable to be little.” You’ll be exploring the realm of Salia, battling monsters, meeting a variety of people and communities, improving your blade at the blacksmith, and more in this hand-drawn 2D animation game.


Chorus is a little frog with grand ambitions to save the world. However, as a tree frog, society expects them to pursue religious studies rather than preparing to be a warrior. Their diminutive stature also makes it difficult for anybody to take them seriously. Chorus travels to Boreala, a community where members of the Defense Guild train under the guidance of an ancient veteran, in search of a better life. They shortly discover that things would not be as simple as they had imagined.

Chorus must figure out how to defend the ones they love before it’s too late, with a mighty army and a mystery rumor on the rise.

Frogsong will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2022 – keep tuned for further information.