Game Informer Editor: Kingdom Hearts 3 too powerful

Game Informer Editor: Kingdom Hearts 3 too powerful

Imran Khan, senior editor at Game Informer, recently shared what he heard from his sources about Kingdom Hearts 3 for Nintendo Switch.

More power

Khan revealed during an episode of Kinda Funny Games that both Nintendo and Square Enix discussed what they could do with Kingdom Hearts 3, but they deemed it unfeasible.

While Nintendo Switch supports Unreal Engine 4 games, Khan said Kingdom Hearts 3 was “too demanding” for the Nintendo Switch hardware to run the game smoothly, so it is highly unlikely it will ever release on Nintendo Switch.

If that is indeed the case that is a shame to hear but I can not imagine Kingdom Hearts 3 being more demanding then titels Panic Button has worked on in the past for the system. Just think of DOOM or Wolfenstein. Perhaps they should have looked into it with them.

Everybody in his or her right mind would love to see Kingdom Hearts on the Nintendo Switch … and I would even take 1 or 2 and not 3 at this time.