Genshin Impact – Sucrose Character Profile

Genshin Impact – Sucrose Character Profile

miHoYo shared a profile for Sucrose, an avid alchemist residing in Mondstadt. Combat-wise, she uses magic from her tome or by throwing vials of her own concoctions!

About Sucrose

Sucrose (voiced by Akane Fujita)

“But… A life outside the lab is no life at all!” — Sucrose vehemently protesting against being forced by Albedo to take a vacation.

Knights of Favonius Alchemist
Vision: Anemo
Constellation: Ampulla

Avid alchemist Sucrose has numerous remarkable accomplishments to her name in the field of bio-alchemy. Her research—or, as she puts it, “the pursuit of ultimate truth”—tends to yield all sorts of mysterious results.

Jumbo dandelions with six times the standard seed count, on account of which everyone in the city closes their windows whenever the wind picks up; wolfhooks that tear through bricks; sunsettias the size of pumpkins…

Each specimen poses great questions for Sucrose, while representing yet another milestone in her research.

But the biggest frustration of all is how to name them. For Sucrose, this is a process more agonizing than seeing her plants pilfered or contaminated during her experiments.

For instance, time seemed to surge past mercilessly like a relentless river when she was attempting to name a strain of sweet flower distinguished by its rich, sticky nectar. After expending an enormous amount of mental energy and clocking up more work hours than were spent on the artificial pollination process for the entire field, she finally came up with something passable:

“It’s the twenty-eighth specimen… it has some unique properties… and I can always make reference to the existing nomenclature…”

“…So I guess I’ll just call it… ‘Sweet Flower Project 9, Version 28, Scent-Strengthening Trial!’”

Genshin Impact will be heading to Nintendo Switch in the future. A date is still not known.