Georifters – Meet Chief Trailer

Georifters – Meet Chief Trailer

Meet more of the bizarre cast of Georifters? A fresh peek at another tricky character in the game’s roster has been revelead!

Leoful released a new trailer featuring Chief.


About Chief

Chief’s ability is the power to spray chocolate that flips square sections of the map from top to bottom (and vice versa) – hence allowing him to move crucial items away from his opponents, and insert traps in their way instead!

About Georifters

Push, flip, twist and turn the ground to overcome challenges and battle in hundreds of stages in single-player, co-op or multiplayer mode. Unlock new skills, costumes, characters, and much more in this unique ground bending 3D platformer.

This unique ground bending platformer allows players to push, flip, twist or turn the terrain to overcome challenges and battle competitors in hundreds of stages in single-player, co-op or multiplayer modes.

Help Candy as she embarks on a ground bending journey and struggles to understand and accept the differences between the residents of five bubble worlds.

Georifters is a game about the residents from different bubble worlds that accidentally see their lives intertwined when their bubble worlds become connected. Previously living in isolation, they now struggle to accept and understand each other’s differences and must come together to fight for a greater good.

Georifters will be launching for Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020.