GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon – version 1.1.0 patch notes

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon – version 1.1.0 patch notes

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon received a significant 1.1.0 update from Konami. The game has been updated with new features, improvements, and problem fixes.

Version 1.1.0 patch notes

The following are the complete patch notes for the GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon version 1.1.0 update:

  • New Components
    • Polearms have been introduced as the new primary weapon. Polearms are distinguished by their capacity to parry.
    • Polearms are very well-rounded weapons with tremendous damage output and significant reach, as well as the ability to protect, parry opposing strikes, and offer Counter Slash with their special action.
    • Rusted Sword and Gleaming Great Katana will be unlocked among the five Polearm varieties. Armor Scrolls for Great Severer, Raging Stone Flame, and Omodakamaru, the Bloodthirsty Great Katana may be acquired as drop items and are required to open them.
    • As a result, Polearm Fragments and Polearm Armor Scrolls have been introduced as drop items.
    • As a new subweapon, talismans have been introduced.
    • Talismans provide passive effects when donned but have no active modes or triggers.
    • To deal with any scenario, employ the many powerful secondary effects that Talismans bring.
    • The Primal Refuge Talisman and Talisman of Inner Blinding will already be unlocked among the nine Talisman varieties. Wisdom Talisman, Divine Toxin Talisman, Hellfire Talisman, Carnage Talisman, Frost Armor Talisman, Vampiric Talisman, and Afterlife Talisman Armor Scrolls may be discovered as drop items and will be required to open them.
    • As a result, Talisman Fragments and Talisman Armor Scrolls have been introduced as drop items.
    • From Veteran onwards, Mastery 2 and Mastery 3 level Training Manuals and Mastery Books will be available.
    • Devotee, the fifth selectable difficulty, has been added.
    • To unlock Devotee, gather the object of evidence dropped after completing the Veteran difficulty.
    • Even if you have previously passed Veteran, you must gather the piece of evidence.
    • Tremor Pillbug, Baboon, and Mad Scorpion are new foes.
    • The newly introduced foes will emerge starting with the Devotee difficulty.
    • A new feature, Specialty Weapon Type, has been introduced.
    • The weapon racks in the Getsu Clan Estate may now be adjusted to offer weapons that have previously been unlocked by utilizing Specialist Weapon Type.
    • Weapons may be selected via the menu in the Hall of Treasures.
    • Weapons may only be assigned to three weapon racks near the Shrine Maiden, but not to the default weapon rack near the Training Statue.
    • When Flash is activated, new aesthetic effects will appear.
    • You may disable this effect by changing a setting in the settings menu.
    • Rampage’s state is now shown as a symbol on the HUD.
  • Changes to the Gameplay
    • Combat system changes/additions
      • After completing an aerial attack during your initial leap, you may now double-jump and conduct another set of conventional aerial assaults or a unique action.
      • This update has no effect on unique actions that bring the user to the ground.
    • Changes to the Flash mechanism.
      • Triggering Flash on a non-boss adversary now now activates the Lethal Slay or Rampage effects, depending on the weapon.
      • Lethal Slay grants a damage boost that stacks with the Flash damage bonus.
      • Deals a percentage of the target’s health scaled to the difficulty setting.
      • In Commoner, Lethal Slay deals 100 percent of the enemy’s maximum vitality, but this is halved at each difficulty after that.
      • In addition, landing Lethal Slay on foes inside Nurarihyon’s area of effect will now disregard the damage reduction offered by Nurarihyon.
      • Rampage: When Flash is activated on an adversary, the amount of damage that enemy receives from subsequent assaults steadily rises. The adversary’s damage modifier will stay until the playable character is attacked by an enemy.
      • This modification also applies to some weapons’ regular strikes that do not trigger Flash. Rampage’s total impact is influenced by training skills. There have been no modifications to activating Flash on bosses.
      • The following table shows the distribution of Flash effects among weapons.
      • Bludgeons, Battle Umbrellas, Whips, and Polearms cause Lethal Slay.
    • Adjustments to the Counter Action system. Rampage: Triggered by Katanas, Spears, Dual Wield Weapons, and Gauntlets.
      • Damage Absorb, Projectile Parry, and Counter Slash are all new abilities.
      • Damage Absorb, a unique mechanism of Battle Umbrellas, and Counter Slash, a unique mechanic of Polearms, may be used by weapons that have defending techniques.
      • Battle Umbrellas and Polearms may both use the Projectile Parry effect.
      • The following are the impacts of each mechanism.
      • Damage Absorb: After a successful parry, heal for an amount equal to the player character’s maximum Vitality.
      • Damage Absorb cannot be activated again until a specified amount of time has elapsed since it was last triggered.
      • Projectile Parry: Use Parry at exact moments to reflect opposing projectiles.
      • It should be noted that Projectile Parry has no impact on certain opponent projectiles.
      • Counter Slash: Increases the damage dealt by a player’s initial hit for a brief period after successfully protecting against an opposing strike.
    • Changes to how guarding with the Battle Umbrella and Polearm works.
      • Damage taken while using a special action with a guarding function has been greatly reduced.
      • Guard breaks have recently been increased in frequency.
      • Weapon balance shifts.
        • Successful counters will now disregard opposing guards and super armor effects on Katanas.
        • Bludgeons’ base damage values have been boosted substantially.
        • Base and Break damage values for Gauntlets have been greatly boosted.
        • Battle Umbrellas: While defending, enemy assaults do less damage.
        • By the fourth regular attack hit, enemies are now thrown at an altered direction and height, allowing for simpler follow-up aerial assaults.
        • Spear: The basic combo’s damage has been boosted.
        • Matchlocks: Nationfeller, the Great Cannon’s initial damage value and damage per rank have been decreased.
        • Explosives: All Explosives’ base damage has been lowered.
        • Caltrops: It is now possible to attack foes from the air.
  • Other Modifications
    • Certain opponents that approach the player character on the ground now have new action patterns.
    • Traps placed at random spots have been added to the stages.
    • When the game is played at a higher difficulty level, more traps will be installed.
    • The boss settings have been tweaked.
    • The hitbox of the Armored Spirit’s long-range sword strike has been reduced.
    • The Geisha Spirit’s projectiles have been adjusted (Turned) so that they always fly forward.
    • Enemies will now take damage from status effects from the instant they are applied.
    • If an adversary is assaulted while Frozen, the time it takes for them to move is reduced.
    • Enemies that have been Frozen now have their guarding removed, enabling damage to be dealt to them.
    • Trap arrows and floating crossbow arrows now move at a slower pace.
    • Trap damage has been reduced (thorn beds, trap arrows, trap spears, and guillotines).
    • When Flash is activated, new audiovisual effects will emerge.
    • Enemies will no longer present in Misty Peaks’ peak locations.
    • Players will no longer be attacked immediately after teleporting.
    • The controller inputs have been tweaked. (Only for the switch)
    • System Modifications
    • You may now choose whether to continue from where you left off or to spawn in the Getsu Clan Estate when loading a save file from the main title menuSave Data.
    • Your suspended-game data will be destroyed if you opt to spawn on the Getsu Clan Estate.
    • Demonization Modifications
    • Demonization effects are no longer time-limited.
    • Demonization effects no longer vanish after defeating a boss.
    • The effect of the x and y Hidden Arts has been changed from raising the maximum duration of Demonization to improving the ease with which Demonization may be activated.
  • Bug fixes
    • The game screen blacked out and froze after restarting, which was fixed.
    • Fixed an issue where the stairs in Subspace Citadel would shut whether or not the relevant switch was touched.
    • Fixed an issue where the damage values of Subterranean Spider attacks were not shown in some instances.
    • Fixed a bug in which aesthetic effects activated at the start of the boss scenario lasted longer than they should have.
    • It was discovered that some breakable objects were not being loaded appropriately.
    • Fixed a bug in which using Freeze on some foes caused the screen to distort.
    • The Japanese character effects were misplaced, which was fixed.
    • Fixed an issue when putting the device to sleep during a cutscene caused the audio timing to be off. (Only the Switch Version)
    • Fixed an issue when applying status effects to certain adversaries did not result in the desired animations.
    • Fixed a bug in which the UI displayed inaccurate information while picking up and eating souls at the same time.
    • Fixed an issue where hit detections for Nurarihyon’s area of effect were inaccurate.
    • Fixed an issue where the ship stage object in the Great Wave of Damnation may get stuck.
    • Fixed an issue where the Twin Tempest Demons’ animations were wrong in some scenarios.
    • Fixed an issue where some adversaries’ animations were wrong while recovering after having a break triggered on them.
    • When the Geisha Spirit strikes, the shamisen sound effect no longer plays.
    • Fixed a bug that caused inaccurate information to be presented when modifying the button allocation of subweapons with the Ammo+ trait.
    • The 3D models for Blazing Caltrops and Icy Caltrops had been switched, which was fixed.
    • Certain map visuals that were not being shown properly were corrected.
    • Certain texts have been corrected.
    • Minor bug fixes are also included.

The new GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon version 1.1.0 update is now available to all Nintendo Switch gamers.

About GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon blends furious roguelike hack-and-slash gameplay with a magnificent dark fantasy setting created with traditional Japanese art strokes.

As the chosen leader and protector of the living, utilize the Getsu clan’s otherworldly armament and abilities as you battle many “Deaths” and descend further into Hell to eliminate the root of the disaster.

Visuals Inspired by Ukiyo-e

GetsuFumaDen’s universe is as beautiful as it is dangerous, inspired by the Japanese ukiyo-e painting style.

2D animations that are vibrant and energetic bring the creative world to life.

Brutal, larger-than-life boss fights

A reanimated demon lord, a huge centipede, and a five-headed hydra are just a few of the big and terrible creatures and yokai in your path.

Defend yourself against their never-ending attack and emerge triumphant to plunge further into Hell.

Combat is dynamic and weapon-based.

Master the rhythm of fierce sword combat action: Japanese martial arts influenced the tempo and timing of moves.

To outwit your opponents, use the distinctive special techniques of a variety of weapon types such as katanas, battle umbrellas, and spears.

Roguelike Action at its Finest

While death is not the end, the planet of Hell continues to exist, with each try bringing fresh map layouts and difficulties to conquer.

Every run brings fresh chances and challenges thanks to permanent upgrades, customisable weaponry, and variable level advancement.

System for Immersive Weapon Enhancement

You have total control over the ability to gather, upgrade, and unlock powers of primary and sub weapons throughout the construction process.

At each run, get upgrades for your favorite weapons and get back into the battle!

Power-Up System for Soul Devour

Collect souls on each fall to increase your strength in real time.

Use the unique power-up system to pick improvements in a dynamic and strategic manner.