Gholdengo is Pokemon #1000

Gholdengo is Pokemon #1000

The Pokemon Company has made the announcement that the National Pokedex now has a total of 1000 Pokemon. This Pokemon is unmistakably known as Gholdengo, and it is the Steel/Ghost evolution of the coin Pokemon Gimmighoul.


More about Gholdengo

Gholdengo may evolve from both the Chest and Roaming forms of Gimmighoul. The official website for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has also been updated with fresh information about the Pokemon, which can be seen in the following table:

Gimmighoul may evolve into Gholdengo either via its Chest Form or its Roaming Form before it can become Gholdengo. Gholdengo is the Pokémon that is ranked 1,000th in the National Pokédex.

Coin Entity is the category. Pokémon Type: Steel/Ghost

Height: 3’11” Weight: 66.1 lbs.

Capability: As Valuable as Gold

An Evolution Propelled by the Feelings Contained Within a Thousand Coins

Gimmighoul will evolve into Gholdengo whenever its Trainer has amassed a total of 999 Gimmighoul Coins and it has reached a higher level. It would seem that this vivacious and happy Pokémon has a body that is made up of a thousand pennies. It is pleasant to interact with both humans and Pokémon.

The Coins That Make Up Its Body Can Be Employed in Either the Offensive or Defensive Roles.

Gholdengo is able to operate by manipulating the coins that make up its body, and it even wields these coins as weapons while engaged in combat. Because to the tight packing of the coins, Gholdengo is very durable. It has the ability to absorb hits and reduce the amount of damage it absorbs by causing coins to fall from regions that are being attacked by opponents. Coins may be shot out of Gholdengo’s mouth or any other part of its body when it attacks.