GrimGrimoire OnceMore – Debut Trailer and Details

GrimGrimoire OnceMore – Debut Trailer and Details

Nippon Ichi Software and Vanillaware have announced GrimGrimoire OnceMore, a remake of the PS2 game GrimGrimoire, which will be released for Nintendo Switch and PS4. So, let’s take a closer look at what Switch owners may look forward to!

The firms have published an official video for the remaster, which shows off the game’s new visuals and gameplay. They also revealed further details about the game’s characters and plot.


About GrimGrimoire OnceMore 

GrimGrimoire is a magical fantasy real-time strategy game in which Lillet, a young wizard girl, must find the truth to prevent repeating the same five days and imminent calamity. It was initially launched in 2007 and was developed by Vanillaware and distributed by Nippon Ichi Software.

This upgraded version of GrimGrimoire has high-resolution visuals and additional mechanics that make the game more entertaining, such as “Great Magic” that can shift the tides in combat and a “Skill Tree” that allows you to enhance your familiars.

Please keep an eye out for GrimGrimoire OnceMore, which is now even more stunning, vibrant, and simple to play than before.


Lillet Blan was ecstatic.

Since the minute she heard, her heart had been racing. Lillet had been accepted into a Magic Academy where only the most gifted young people were individually sought out by the most powerful wizards. The school was led by Gaminel Dore, a legendary magician who had previously beaten the Archmage. And the Silver Star Tower, where they study, was formerly the devastated Archmage’s fortress.

The tower was still full of unexplained mysteries and perils, which drew many people who came for their own reasons. Lillet had begun her studies after opening her first grimoire. However, just five days later, the institution is threatened by a horrible calamity, and all lives are lost. Except for her, who had gone back in time for no apparent reason…

Can Lillet get closer to the truth by reliving the same days again and over? Will she be able to put a stop to the horror in those five days?

Reopen the grimoires to escape a never-ending cycle of death.


Lillet Blan (voiced by Iori Saeki)

A studious, hardworking young lady who was accepted to the Silver Star Tower once her magical abilities were recognized. For her destitute younger brothers, who are waiting for her at home, she hopes to become a renowned magician. She finds herself in unusual circumstances, but she defies the mystery with bold deeds and cool judgment that even she didn’t realize she had.

Surprise Margarita (voiced by Miharu Hanai)

At the Magic Academy, a student. Lillet meets her first buddy when she arrives. Her disposition is still lighthearted, despite the fact that she was rescued from a community that persecuted wizards under the guise of witch hunts. On top of her head, she wears her frog familiar.

Dore Gammel (voiced by Teruo Seki)

The Magic Academy’s chief master. He vanquished the Archmage in the past and sealed the demon who had struck a contract with him. He’s a renowned conjurer. He established the Magic Academy atop the Silver Star Tower, which had formerly served as the Archmage’s palace, and welcomed talented young people from all throughout the realm in the hopes of training the next generation of magicians. Although it seems that the school is somewhat hazardous, since students go missing from time to time, every magician in the kingdom want to learn under Professor Gammel.

Defendant (voiced by Hiromichi Tezuka)

A demon who instructs in sorcery. The contract with the headmaster’s specifics are unclear. He wants to behave gentlemanly, yet there are occasions when you can catch flashes of his actual nature as a demon. He doesn’t seem to be collecting souls on campus, but he won’t turn anybody away if they leap into his arms.


Beautiful Visuals Depict Magic Fantasy x Real-Time Simulation

Lillet, the heroine, was welcomed to the Silver Star Tower of the Magic Academy and started her path to become a magician. At the Academy, many situations occur, such as demons and spirits interfering with courses and alchemy-created rampaging golems. The Academy seems to have a secret as well…

Set out to become a great magician by clearing each level using different forms of magic including sorcery and necromancy. Battles take place in real time, with the player summoning familiars via the use of grimoires and defeating the opponent party while defending their own.

Familiars such as fairies, golems, demons, and dragons may be summoned.

The familiars summoned by the power of grimoires are used in magical combat. Familiars may take many forms, including fairies and golems, and each has its own set of powers.

To get the upper hand in battle, take advantage of enemy affinities.

Glamour, Necromancy, Sorcery, and Alchemy are the four forms of magic, each of which may call its own unique troops.

There are also two kinds of familiars: Substance and Astral. Magic assaults are exceedingly weak against astral familiars, while physical attacks have no impact on them. They’re a smart option if you’re up against someone who uses a lot of physical attacks.

The key to winning is to consider your affinity with the adversary and call the familiars that will give you the upper hand.

More New Features

Graphics with a High-Resolution

The game’s intricate visuals are clearer than ever before thanks to high-definition graphics. It’s also simpler to perceive the magic fight playing field since the aspect ratio is bigger.

Character Voice-Overs have been re-recorded.

Every vocal line in the game has been totally re-recorded with a new cast. Lillet and his companions are also spoken in combat, which adds a new dimension to GrimGrimoire.

“Great Magic” is a new system.

There are now four varieties of “Great Magic” that may be employed in combat. While Great Magic can only be used a certain amount of times, each usage may drastically alter the battle’s outcome—”Mana Burst” fires a flame that delivers damage over a large area; “Resurrection” restores the HP of wounded party members; and so on.

“Skill Tree” is a new system.

Missions are placed apart from the prerequisites for clearing each level in GrimGrimoire OnceMore. Completing jobs earns coins, which may be used to increase summoning rings and familiars.


To browse drawings created for GrimGrimoire and GrimGrimoire OnceMore, a “Gallery” option has been introduced. There are almost 90 drawings from Vanillaware employees.

Modifications and Additions to the Original Version

The game now has a “Fast-Forward” feature for combat and narrative portions, as well as a “Mid-Fight Save” tool for battle parts, making it simpler to play at your own speed. In addition, the difficulty level of “Hard” mode has been increased to make it more tough than before.

In Japan, GrimGrimoire OnceMore will be released on July 28, 2022. There is currently no indication on whether or not the film will be released in the United States.