Heaven Dust 2 will be released this week

Heaven Dust 2 will be released this week

Heaven Dust was released for Nintendo Switch in February 2020 and now publisher indienova and developer One Gruel Studio announced a sequel, Heaven Dust 2. It’ll be released on January 6, 2022, according to an eShop listing.


About Heaven Dust

A viral epidemic occurs at the secretive First Research Center after a news briefing.

Meanwhile, Steve awakens from his cryogenic pod deep inside the facility.

He’s locked in a hellish hell once again, surrounded by zombies.

Even as the horrible reality approaches, he must battle his way out…

  • Exploration, action, puzzles, and resource management are all included in this classic survival horror game. Improved production value: Better visuals and effects provide gamers of the previous game a whole new experience. Prepare for a 10-hour excursion with double the substance of the original game!
  • To solve problems, collect and mix different things. Upgrade your stockpile. Weapons don’t take up any more room. Combat system that has progressed: With a knife, submachine gun, shotgun, and grenades, fight your way out. Modify and upgrade your weapons to their maximum potential. To oppose various foes, choose a weapon, organize your strategy, look for their weak spots, and eliminate their defenses. Apart from conventional zombies, a slew of mutant creatures had entered the fray: a heavily armored Bone Fiend, a regenerative Blood Fiend, and a boomlad approaching. And, of course, there are spectacular boss battles.
  • The narrative is interesting, and the mental puzzles are entertaining. Players must make a final decision: Two alternative endings await you if you choose one of the two escape paths.
  • You may pick between Casual, Normal, and Expert modes, which are suitable for all gamers.

On the Nintendo Switch eShop, Heaven Dust 2 will cost $14.99. However, there is presently a pre-order discount available, bringing the price down to $13.49.