Homebrew – Animated themes are a thing now

Homebrew – Animated themes are a thing now

The Nintendo Switch homebrew community has been busy working on something more themes related lately, and they’ve made something that Nintendo hasn’t done once again.

The very first look at fully animated custom themes is here, something you probably won’t really see with the official themes on Nintendo Switch for a long long time. We even dare to say that theme wise on the stock Nintendo Switch not much has really changed in over 2 years now.

What can you expect?


Examples include spinning icons, fully animated buttons, and more. Im not saying I would want the above but … I would really like some more theme options on the Nintendo Switch by default.

Keep in mind

As always this does require a modified Nintendo Switch and while we really applaud the work being done NintendoReporters does not condone piracy in any form. Therefore discussion on how to get this done will once again be avoided. But we hope this makes Nintendo act on the theme front as well.