Indie World Showcase – April 2023 recap

Indie World Showcase – April 2023 recap

The Indie World Showcase that took place in April 2023 has been successfully concluded, and Nintendo has issued a press statement that summarizes all of the recent developments in the industry. There were more than 20 titles highlighted in all.


Indie World Showcase – April 2023

Nintendo introduced a brand new Indie World Showcase, which included a lineup of over 20 independent video games that will be available for play on the Nintendo Switch console in 2023 and beyond. The announcement of Blasphemous 2, combined with the debut of the game’s first trailer and the confirmation that its release would take place in the summer of 2023, was one of the many highlights of the presentation. The announcement that the comedy role-playing game Shadows Over Loathing, which is filled to the brim with gangsters, monsters, and secrets, would be making its way into the Nintendo eShop later on today was also revealed during the demonstration.

Other games that were shown off included Mineko’s Night Market, an adventure-sim about a curious girl exploring her lively new home at the base of Mount Fugu, which will be released for the Nintendo Switch on September 26; My Time at Sandrock, the captivating sequel to My Time at Portia, which will be released this summer; and the free Relics of the Old Faith update for Cult of the Lamb, which will launch on April 24, and will feature new challenges, enemies, and ways to keep non-believe

“It is a true delight,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations. “To see this stunning amount of creativity from the indie development community is a true delight.” “With the latest diverse lineup of independent games shown today, players can find Nintendo Switch games that take them on journeys far from home while still allowing them to play in the comfort of their own homes or anywhere else they choose to play,” Visit the following URL to see the complete of the Indie World Showcase: 

Featured games

The Meowza Games and Humble Games production of Mineko’s Night Market comprises the following: You play the endearing character of Mineko in this narrative adventure game, in which you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of occupations, make friends with the locals, and create an assortment of knickknacks for the weekly Night Market. There is a plethora of activities to do, such as participating in parades and cat races, as well as giving performances on stage. If you can’t help but get the explorer’s itch, the island hides numerous mysteries for you to decipher and enigmas for you to unravel. Visit Mineko’s Night Market, which will open its doors for business on Nintendo Switch on September 26.

Pathea Games and PM Studios are the developers of My Time at Sandrock. In the second installment of the My Time at Portia series, you are entrusted with bringing a post-apocalyptic desert village back to its former splendor. This is accomplished via an engrossing plot that has hundreds of characters and side missions. You will have to acquire resources in order to put together machinery and turn a rundown workshop into a facility that is in tip-top shape. Why not explore some ancient ruins and look for artifacts to bring home with you? Or why not introduce yourself to the locals and strike up some conversations? Because the monsters love to hang around in this town, you should engage them in close quarters battle. In addition, if you purchase the main game, you will get access to a separate online* multiplayer version of the game when the game is released. This will allow you and your friends to work together to make Sandrock a success. This summer, My Time at Sandrock will become available for the Nintendo Switch.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is a survival horror video game developed by Steel Wool Studios and published by ScottGames. You will take on the role of Gregory, a small child who has spent the night cooped up within Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, in the most recent version of the scary games suitable for the whole family. Gregory must escape the almost unstoppable hunt of reinvented characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s, as well as new horrifying dangers, with the assistance of Freddy Fazbear himself. Later on today, you’ll be able to purchase Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.

Shadows Over Loathing is a video game developed and published by Asymmetric Games LLC. Shadows Over Loathing is a comedic role-playing game (RPG) that takes place in the same world as West of Loathing but is set in the 1920s. The game is filled of stick figures and other ridiculous elements. Explore a vast black-and-white universe populated with intelligent math, talking frogs, and eldritch creatures as you make your way through the game. There are also a large number of jobs that may be played, ranging from being a Jazz Agent and carrying the curds of the universe in your hands to being a Cheese Wizard and marching to the rhythm of your own devious plots. Later on today, the digital edition of Shadows Over Loathing will be available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch system. Soon, a wide variety of shops will start taking pre-orders for the game’s physical version, and shipments of those orders will begin in the autumn.

OXENFREE II: Lost Signals is available on Netflix and was produced by Night School Studio. Riley travels back to Camena, her homeland, five years after the events of OXENFREE to do study on some odd electromagnetic waves. You may speak with supernatural creatures and exert influence over the world around you by tuning the radio to the appropriate frequency. Also, be on the lookout for a mysterious cult that may be trying to open a reality-bending gateway. Use the new walkie-talkie chat system to get in touch with others in the area while you are out and about visiting the town. Your decisions will have an effect not just on Riley’s growth but also on the connections she has and the tale itself. OXENFREE II: Lost Signals will be released on the Nintendo Switch on July 12th, so be sure to tune in. The Nintendo eShop and the My Nintendo Store are now accepting advance orders for the product.

Adapted on the popular tabletop game Calico, the Monster Couch game Quilts & Cats of Calico challenges players to create the “purr-fect” quilt by piecing together patterned pieces of cloth. Arrange the pieces on the board and sew the buttons together to rack up points and entice cute kitties. Because of this, it is important to develop your own signature stitching technique in order to become a proficient quilter. You can also spend some time customizing your kitties to give them a paw-sitively beautiful appearance. This may be done by taking some time. Participate in local** and online* multiplayer with as many as three of your closest friends, compete in ranked matches against other online players, or test your skills in weekly challenges. This coming autumn, Quilts and Cats of Calico will be available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Just a Smidgen to the Left The Cupboards and Drawers feature first appeared in Max Inferno and Secret Mode: A Little to the Left has a paid downloadable content pack called Cupboards & Drawers that contains more puzzles. You will discover a world of tight quarters, hidden compartments, and unexpected knickknacks and trinkets tucked away in each and every drawer as you work your way through 25 all new puzzles. This DLC, which will be available for the Nintendo Switch in June of this year, also comes with some charming new artwork and situations to go through.

Teslagrad 2 and Teslagrad The following titles have been remastered from Rain Games and Modus Games: Learn to harness the power of electromagnetic forces in order to solve puzzles based on physics and navigate locations that draw inspiration from Scandinavia. However, there are numerous perils to be found in this region, as frightening monsters stand in your path. Achieve mastery of the Teslamancy art form and vanquish your foes to get access to new regions to explore. In addition, when the Teslagrad Power Pack Edition, which includes both games, is released for the Nintendo Switch platform later today, players will have the opportunity to play a remastered version of the original Teslagrad game, which has improved graphics as well as 10 additional difficulty levels. In addition, Teslagrad 2 and Teslagrad Remastered will each be available for purchase on their own later today.

Vine & Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Puzzler’s Pack includes the following: Free downloadable content (DLC) for the Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon game called the Puzzler’s Pack includes more roguelike puzzle gameplay. Explore the castle as one of two new playable characters, put your puzzle-solving skills to the test with the new Quandary Challenges, and try to find your way through the maze-like corridors of Castle Quandary. You may also pay a visit to Mr. Hat, who sells over 20 hats that can be used in the game to customize runs, or stop by Chester’s Shop to pick up some cool new relics. This downloadable content will be available for the Nintendo Switch sometime in the spring.

Temple of the Sacred Lamb Massive Monster and Devolver Digital are proud to present Relics of the Old Faith, which include: This free upgrade to the Cult of the Lamb game allows you to increase the size of your flock. additional versions of the four guardian bishops are stationed throughout the redesigned dungeons to watch over the dozens of additional artifacts, relics, and foes that have been added. Returning to the cult with your loot will reward you with new quests, followers, and buildings to develop, as well as new followers and structures to recruit. And after you’ve completed the campaign, you can test your mettle with the new “Permadeath,” “Gauntlet,” and “Boss Rush” game modes. On April 24, Relics of the Old Faith will be available for purchase on Nintendo Switch.

Blasphemous 2, developed by The Game Kitchen and Team 17, includes the following: To all the jaded and broken-hearted individuals out there: In this sequel to the terrifyingly entertaining hack-and-slash platformer Blasphemous, you will have the opportunity to continue following The Penitent One as he travels through a weird country that is full of horrors. Explore a gloomy environment that is true to the original game in terms of its skill-based fighting and challenging platforming features. However, this version of the game improves upon its characteristic pixel art aesthetic as well as the variety of skills that are available to the player. This coming summer, you’ll be able to pass judgment on a Nintendo Switch game that offers progression mechanisms, player-customizable builds, and an extended move set.

ANIMAL WELL, available from Bigmode and Shared Memory: In this pixelated universe filled with atmosphere, you will explore for riches as you progressively uncover more and more of the surrounding environment. It is totally up to you to decide where you will go. There are a lot of fascinating species that dwell here, but you should be careful since some of them could be dangerous. Any objects that you have gathered may be put to use in a variety of different ways, such as allowing you to make a hasty exit or even recruiting friendly animals to assist you in a time of need. There is a lot to discover, so use your ingenuity and the stuff you have to see what you can find. ANIMAL WELL, which will be available for the Nintendo Switch this winter, will test both your bravery and your sense of wonder.

Rift of the NecroDancer is a game that was created by Tic Toc Games and Brace Yourself Games. Move to the beat of a fresh musical take on lane-based combat in this offshoot of Crypt of the NecroDancer. The game is a continuation of Crypt of the NecroDancer. You will be attacked by monsters, but you may dispatch them by responding appropriately to the instructions that appear on the screen. Every single one of them has a unique pattern of movement, and some of them need numerous strikes in order to be defeated. You can look forward to boss fights that will truly get your groove on, as well as a unique minigame to play for each of the five different character arcs in the game. Rift of the NecroDancer will be available for the Nintendo Switch later this year, so be sure you keep the rhythm alive!

PlateUp! is a roguelike management simulation game developed by It’s Happening and Yogscast Games. In this game, you build, decorate, and automate the restaurant of your dreams within the context of the game. PlateUp! has a large number of hungry clients who want meals at breakneck rates. To ensure that your patrons are satisfied, you need to be in charge of both the back and the front of the house. You have the opportunity to gain additional high-tech equipment such as turbo ovens at the conclusion of each randomly generated shift. These may be used to enhance your kitchen and make your subsequent restaurant endeavor even more profitable. You may invite up to three of your close friends to assist you in running your culinary empire, either in-person or online. PlateUp! will be available for the Nintendo Switch in October, and you can start dishing out some wonderful food then.

Crime O’Clock, a game developed by Just For Games and Bad Seed: In this puzzle-exploration game, there is no time to spend since you have more than 40 cases to solve spanning different eras, locations, and time periods. There are numerous different time periods available, ranging from the Lost Age to the future of cybernetics. You’ll discover how distinct crime scenes evolve for different time ticks in each century, and the choices you make in one era might have an effect on the happenings in another era. Your map will shift throughout time as you explore different eras, interact with different individuals, and solve each mystery; doing so will also unlock new adventures. Crime O’Clock will be available on the Nintendo Switch on June 30, so be sure to set your alarms.

Highlight reel

This year’s independent World Showcase also included an exciting montage that highlighted a number of upcoming independent games on the Nintendo Switch, including the following:

  • Launching on August 18 is Team Reptile’s Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a game in which players may dance, paint, do stunts, compete against the police, and achieve new levels of graffiti.
  • In the next month of August, Newfangled Games will release Paper Trail, an adventure game in which the player must fold, twist, and rotate the environment itself in order to solve puzzles and conquer obstacles.
  • Launching in 2024, Little Kitty, Big City is a video game developed by Double Dagger Studio in which a tranquil catnap transforms into a humorous adventure filled with sandbox exploration and a large number of customisable kittens.
  • Chants of Sennaar is a new game that will be released on September 5 by Runedisk and Focus Entertainment. It is a game that takes place in an unending labyrinth and uses ancient languages as both the lock and the key.
  • This year will see the release of the top-down arena shooter roguelite titled Brotato, which was developed by Blobfish and Seaven Studio. In this game, you play as a potato that can wield up to six weapons at once and battle against swarms of aliens.
  • This autumn, Coin Crew Games and iam8bit will release Escape Academy: The Complete Edition, a game that features hand-crafted escape room puzzles that can be played either locally** or online* with friends.