Infinite Links is coming this May

Infinite Links is coming this May

It’s nearly time for another Kemco RPG on Nintendo Switch, since it’s been confirmed that Infinite Links will be released shortly. The game is set to be released on May 12, 2022.


About Infinite Links

Talismans are mystical trinkets with enormous power, some of which may grant any wish. Kronos, a young wizard in training, and Serene, who considers themselves siblings, get entangled in a Talisman plot. Will they be able to rescue themselves and the rest of the planet from the looming danger?

Equip Talismans to the Skill Board to learn abilities and deadly techniques that may be used to shift the tides in turn-based fights. You will get extra benefits by forging and upgrading weapons, armor, and Talismans from resources. There are also strategic components like as combat formations and traps, as well as a range of missions, arena and monster accomplishments to challenge you!

Use the Skill Board to unlock lethal moves!

Equipping Talismans to the Skill Board to get varied abilities and deadly moves according on their placement.

There are also support effects that will help your party.

Create the most powerful equipment.

Materials are used to improve weapons, armor, and Talismans.

Disassemble unneeded Talismans into potent effect pieces.

Talisman pieces may be used to fine-tune enhanced weapons’ power.

Formations, traps, and elemental battles!

Use a variety of arrangements to your benefit in combat, from increasing physical damage to allowing counterattacks!

Be cautious of traps that activate depending on enemy or friendly placements.

Challenges might earn you a lot of money!

Side missions, monster accomplishments, and the Arena…

There are several obstacles that may provide great rewards!

On the Nintendo Switch eShop, Infinite Links will cost $14.99. By pre-ordering, the price will be reduced to $13.49.