Kamen Rider Memory Of Heroez Zero-One Gameplay

Kamen Rider Memory Of Heroez Zero-One Gameplay

Bandai Namco uploaded a short gameplay teaser for Kamen Rider Memory Of Heroez on Switch. The clip features gameplay for Kamen Rider Zero-One, one of the three playable Riders for the game.

It shows off the main forms he will have access to in the game, including his base Rising Hopper form, Shining Assault Hopper, Metal Cluster Hopper, and Zero-Two. Flying Falcon form can also be seen on the form change wheel, but it is not used in the clip.


About Kamen Rider: Memory Of Heroez

The story takes place in Sector City, an island brimming with an unknown energy. It was once a well-known tourist area with many visitors every year… until the accident happened.

The Narumi Detective Agency received a mysterious email, a request to look for a “Doctor Aida”. An initial investigation leads Shotaro to Sector City, where he encounters a mysterious warrior bearing the letter X.

Who is Doctor Aida? And what happened during the accident?

Teaming up with OOO and Zero-One, the Kamen Riders work together in the name of justice to uncover this mystery. The battle for humanity against those who bring harm to it begins now.

Kamen Rider: Memory Of Heroez launches October 29 for Nintendo Switch in Japan and Southeast Asia.