Kamiya; ideas and concepts for Bayonetta 4

Kamiya; ideas and concepts for Bayonetta 4

Yes you read that right 4…. but let’s look at the facts first; The wonderful Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 launched last week for the Nintendo Switch. 

Bayonetta producer Hideki Kamiya is currently hard at work at the third entry in the action-packed series on the Nintendo Switch. Which was teased back at the latest Nintendo Direct Mini.

When there is 3 there is 4

But that hasn’t stopped him from thinking about what’s next. Kamiya says that he already has ideas and concepts for Bayonetta 4.

It’s a long way off but something to get excited about nonetheless.

As we know little yet about the actual story form Bayonetta 3 it’s really hard to say anything about it and not sound like a complete ass. BUT it is very good to note that ideas for a fourth installment are already being formed. That shows how much faith there is in the success of Bayonetta 3.

And well, the other two installments are ‘mere’ ports it could insinuate that 3 is going to blow our minds even more. Or at least that is what we want to believe.