Kraken Academy is coming

Kraken Academy is coming

Kraken Academy, a new game from publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Happy Broccoli Games, which has appeared on the Nintendo Switch eShop. On February 24, 2022, the time-traveling adventure game will be launched.


About Kraken Academy

Kraken Academy is a place where you may learn about the Kraken.

Kraken Academy isn’t like any other high school. The art department is haunted by ghosts, cultists congregate under the monkey bars, and now crocodiles are devouring youngsters.

To find the Traitor, a wicked mastermind who may be anybody at the school, join forces with a mystical Kraken. You’ll grow closer to rescuing Kraken Academy with each time loop.

Investigate & Explore

While rescuing the earth is a vital objective, there are a variety of different activities to participate in. During this three-day cycle, learn about the routines of instructors and students while exploring every aspect of the campus. Attend a costume party, dress yourself as a detective, and assist the school’s janitor in busting a criminal ring.

Join a Group

Music, Art, Sports, and Drama are the four clubs that make up Kraken Academy.

  • Become a member of the alternative Music Club and join the school’s most edgy rock band.
  • Show off your artistic abilities in the Art Club and at an exhibition.
  • Compete through tasks to become the Sports Club’s greatest warrior.
  • Even though the Drama Club is full of snobs, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Who knows, you may even get cast as a leading role in their next lavish production.

You’re in luck because you can join them all! Become a member of a different club with the assistance of your magical amulet throughout each time loop.

Meet & Mingle

Kraken Academy is a smorgasbord of oddball individuals. You’ll meet gorgeous guy and lead singer Vladimir, who fights to hold his frenzied fangirls at away; irritable bassist Simona, who wears a giraffe sweatshirt all the time and hates everyone (including you); and Broccoli Girl, the drummer, who can’t seem to get over her ex.

So, let’s go! Take your uniform, your magical time-traveling amulet, and disregard the voice in your brain telling you that this is a bad idea!

Kraken Academy is available for $17.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.