Limited Run Games – Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition + Rise Of The Third Power – Physical Release

Limited Run Games – Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition + Rise Of The Third Power – Physical Release

Limited Run Games has provided further information on the upcoming physical release of Ara Fell and Rise of the Third Power, which will include both games in a single package.

There will be both a regular edition and a collector’s edition available. Limited Run Games will include a CD, pin, and a cloth poster illustrating the 2D worlds of these RPG experiences as part of the latter.

About Ara Fell Enhanced Edition

In March of 2020, Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition was released for the Nintendo Switch. After then, in February of 2022, the Rise of the Third Power occurred. Please see the following for more details on each of them.

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition creates a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience by combining the most enjoyable aspects of western role-playing games with the most enjoyable aspects of Japanese-style 16-bit role playing games. Additionally, the game incorporates elements of visual novels and adventure games. Ara Fell’s tale is driven by rich and approachable characters, each with their own history, their own goals, and their own motives for joining the protagonist’s mission. Atmosphere, emotion, and surprise are at the forefront of the story, and they are all driven by the characters. Join Lita and relive the golden era of role-playing games with a game that not only honors the greats of the past but also forges its own path forward in the genre.


  • EXPLORATION – Ara Fell is a world just waiting to be discovered in all its glory! You’ll need to jump, crawl, swim, and even soar through the air in order to solve puzzles and uncover new locales that are packed with riches, mysteries, and exciting adventures. Exploration was taken into consideration while designing every nook and cranny of Ara Fell.
  • OPEN WORLD: As soon as you leave Aloria Village, the heroine’s hometown, the majority of the world is open for exploration… assuming, of course, that you are powerful enough to do so. If an adventurer is dedicated to taking advantage of the open aspect of the game environment, they may be able to locate strong items and unlock mysteries early on in the game. This will allow them to have a head start on the competition.
  • TACTICAL COMBAT Despite the fact that Ara Fell focuses heavily on its narrative, the gaming environment is nonetheless rife with peril. Select specialist pieces of equipment and adjust your character’s statistics to tailor them to your play style and the specific mechanics of each boss fight.
  • CHARACTER DRIVEN – When you join Ara Fell’s unwitting heroine on her quest to save her homeland, you’ll discover a world filled with vibrant characters who laugh, cry, crack jokes, lose their tempers, and even their will to go on as the size and scope of the curse that plagues Ara Fell becomes apparent. You’ll also discover a world filled with a world filled with vibrant characters who laugh, cry, crack jokes, lose their will to go As the stakes continue to rise, it becomes clear that both allies and adversaries are not who they seem to be…

About Rise of the Third Power

The political situation of Europe in the late 1930s serves as a vague inspiration for the role-playing game Rise of the Third Power, which has a retro-inspired aesthetic and a console-style gameplay. Following the series of events that would eventually result in the worst conflict in human history, the narrative moves its action to the continent of Rin during the height of the Age of Sail.


  • STORY-DRIVEN: Join a group of eight characters, each with their own distinctive goals, points of view, and personalities, as they set out on a suicide mission to overthrow the emperor of Arkadya, Dimitri Noraskov. As players make their way through the perilous world of Rin, they may expect to encounter a range of emotions, including comedy, drama, and even tragedy.
  • POLITICAL CONFLICT – Although the world of Rin is making progress in its recovery from the Great War, the balance of power is still severely unbalanced, and there are power vacuums that have not yet been filled. The player’s group will be both hindered and helped by plotters, liars, and traitors, all as the countdown to a rematch of the conflict that was the bloodiest in human history continues to advance.
  • CUSTOM BATTLE SYSTEM – Rise of the Third Power features a battle system that was built from the ground up. The game includes eight playable characters, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and is designed so that all of them can take part in combat at the same time, eliminating the need for time-consuming party management. Combine the individual benefits and drawbacks of each character, assess the capabilities of your opponents, choose your fighting formation, and then rush into the fray.
  • PERSISTENT EQUIPMENT Each and every item of equipment that may be discovered, acquired, or stolen confers a permanent and one-of-a-kind boost on a player’s character. Upgrades are purchased by the user instead of replacements since upgrades improve gameplay. You won’t have to spend money on that amazing helmet in town only to find a better one hidden away as a treasure in a dungeon anymore. Every character has three equipment slots, and those slots may each hold up to eight different upgrades, for a total of 192 possible upgrades. The tedious task of inventory management may be avoided with this technique, which also provides the completionist with a purposeful target to search for.

Beginning on January 13, 2023, customers will be able to place pre-orders for the physical release of Ara Fell and Rise of the Third Power on Nintendo Switch.