Little Inferno Ho Ho Holiday DLC expansion releasedate

Little Inferno Ho Ho Holiday DLC expansion releasedate

A downloadable content addition called Ho Ho Holiday is coming out for Little Inferno exactly ten years after the game was first made available to the public.

The release date of January 13 has been announced by Tomorrow Corporation for the Nintendo Switch edition, which means that the game will be available in a matter of days. The Little Inferno: Ho Ho Holiday Edition will be the official name under which it will be available on the eShop. It is important to note that the price of this item on Steam is now $4.99.


About the Ho Ho Holiday DLC

“an all new terrifying holiday narrative,” “a mysterious new character,” “a new catalog,” “new toys,” “new combinations,” and “plenty of fresh holiday material to keep you warm,” are some of the things that Ho Ho Holiday promises its customers. Please read the official summary that is provided below.

You are invited to revisit the world of Little Inferno, where you will find an all-new chilling Christmas narrative, a new character with a secret past, a new catalog, new toys, new combinations, and a great deal of new holiday material to keep you warm.


  • A chilling new Christmas tale… watch out, something is coming!
  • A new Christmas catalog with twenty new toys, each with unique and intriguing characteristics.
  • A new player with a mysterious past.
  • More than fifty new combinations total.
  • Infinite Yule Log. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, light a fire and let it burn throughout the night. The first campaign that was ever made for Little Inferno is always accessible to players as well.

The first version of Little Inferno was released for the Nintendo Wii U in the year 2012. The game was later adapted by Tomorrow Corporation for use on the Nintendo Switch platform, which was released in March of 2017.