Little Witch Nobeta release date set for March

Little Witch Nobeta release date set for March

Idea Factory has announced the final release date for Little Witch Nobeta in western regions, in addition to providing details on a special edition of the game.

The release date for the video game in Europe and North America is set for March 7, 2023. It will be available for purchase in both physical and digital formats.

Little Witch Nobeta limited editions

Pre-orders for the limited edition may be placed solely via the IFI North American and European Online Stores. This will be the only way to get the limited edition. It comes with a copy of the game (with a reversible cover sleeve), a steel case, a hardback art book titled “Compendium of Crafted Souls,” the original soundtrack, a pop-up card, a plush Nobeta that sleeps, a collector’s box, and an exclusive trading card.

About Little Witch Nobeta

The young witch Nobeta traveled to an old castle in order to get the answer to the question of where she originally originates from. Following her encounter with a shadowy black cat, she will pick up a plethora of magical spells and skills, all of which will serve to better equip her for the perils that lay ahead. Where may one find the answers to these questions deep inside the crumbling castle?


Better. Faster. Stronger. Witchier. – The castle is rife with formidable foes, including even more formidable bosses. Your enemies will get more powerful as you make progress, necessitating that you do the same to keep up. You may improve your skills and help you take down the Crafted Souls by collecting Soul Essences from the opponents you kill and then using those Soul Essences.

Make Something! – The bosses known as Crafted Souls will be a significant obstacle for the player to overcome, and they will not be simple to kill. If you want to be successful against them, you will need to devise a plan. You need to avoid their assaults at the precise moment in order to seize control of the fight.

Magical Mystery Tour – While you are on your adventure, you can discover that the way ahead is obstructed. You may solve riddles and unlock new parts of the castle to investigate by demonstrating your mastery of the elemental magics. There’s a possibility that you’ll stumble across a long-lost treasure.

The Answer Can Be Found There – You may get insight into Nobeta’s dark and enigmatic world by gathering things scattered about the castle.

The Little Witch Nobeta limited edition will be available for pre-order beginning on January 27, 2023.